p3d v3

  1. SimArc

    P3D v4 Islamabad International Airport OPIS - RELEASED

    Hello everyone !! We have some good news for you. Today we are announcing our next project and that is "Islamabad International Airport - OPIS", located in the Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. It has replaced "Benazir Bhutto International Airport - OPRN" as the only international airport...
  2. Vortex Simulations

    FSXA Grenoble–Isère Airport , France [LFLS]

    Hi we have started work on Grenoble Airport , France (LFLS) . This is our first project. We initially started this project in Sketchup , but now we have thought of moving to Gmax and 3dsMax for much realistic Scenery. Following are some photos of what we've done in sketchup so far. We are also...
  3. Mouhcine

    Agadir City FSX/P3D PerfectSoft

    Agadir is progressing ! A few shots of harbor of Agadir under development . There are some day and night renders . Autogen will come soon . Pictures show work in progress, not the final product ... FSX/P3D Payware project . Check our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/PerfectSoftSim/
  4. Younes

    P3D v3 [CLOSED]

    Hello! I have recently started developing Borg El Arab Intl airport in Alexandria, Egypt (HEBA). Here is some progress on the terminal. Anyways i would appreciate if somone coul get me some good pictures of the apron lights, tower buildings e.ct because the terminal had good images enough to...
  5. R

    P3D v3 Malé International Airport

    Here is my first project! I`m happy to announce Malé International Airport. features: -photoscenery of Hulhule and Hulhumale - finished -custom ground polygon - 70% -custom airport buildings - 20%
  6. Soarfly Concepts

    P3D v3 Odd shadows on building.

    I will state right now that I have solved this by simply recompiling the model and placing it again. But I am curious as to what the problem was because I didn't change anything. In the picture below you can see what look like shadows on my terminal building (only building that had the issue)...
  7. B

    Photo-real seasonal textures problem - Resample

    Hello, I am having a hard time making my scenery to show up. Since I have added seasonal textures, my scenery do not longer show up in-sim. This is my .inf code for Resample: [Source] Type = MultiSource NumberOfSources = 6 [Source1] Type = BMP Layer = Imagery SourceDir = "." SourceFile =...
  8. Julian Hdz J

    FSXA FSXA & P3Dv3 First development AH60BattleHawk

    Hello, Not long ago More than One year I am Developing my firstly aircraft for FSX / P3D, it is an AH60 "BattleHawk" and although I have the model 3D almost ready (80 %), I have not Managed to Export it correctly to the Simulator ¿might anybody to advise me to Be able to Export with Success the...
  9. 49Degrees

    P3D v2 Baden Airpark X - EDSB

    Hi! Here's my latest project: The Baden Airpark X - EDSB Here are some nice Screenshots: The scenery is intendet to be released as freeware for these simulators: -FSX Classic -FSX:Steam Edtion -Prepar3D v 2.5 -Prepar3D v3 We hope you like the Screensots! :-) There are more to be...