1. F

    Taxi Routes in Prepar3D

    I am trying to figure out how taxi routes are laid out in P3D. I have seen the following ']documentation in the Prepar3D SDK. As far as I understand the taxi route is a composition of different pairs (a taxi path index and a taxi ending point). Is this correct?
  2. Albi

    3d software for custom runway/apron?

    Is there a better software to create custom runways, taxiways and apron for p3d/fsx? Not afcad designer (ade)or gmax(old)
  3. Jason z

    ADE FSX to P3Dv5

    Is it possible to compile ADE projects for P3Dv5 when you only have FSX? When someone tried out our FSX scenery in P3Dv5, he saw default buildings on top of our current scenery which is not ideal.
  4. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 PBR Update - Bahrometrix Civilian Avatars

    Hello and a wonderful day! Bahrometrix is currently working on a PBR update for civil avatars. In addition to the implementation of PBR, the avatars will also receive 2K Textures ... Even the sparkle in the eyes of the avatars is simulated for the first time. The Avatar William carries a...
  5. KO Zone

    P3D v4 Livery Makers Recruitment

    Hello All, I am looking for livery makers for a big community project (similar to iniBuilds), if you are interested please read below Requirements for a livery maker: • Good experience with paintkits in general • Able to use PBR to his/hers advantage • Able to deliver on time • Previous...
  6. KO Zone

    P3D v4 Scenery Project Recruitment

    Hello All, I am looking for texture artists and talented modelers for a big international airport scenery project for P3D, please read below. This is a paid gig Minimum Requirements for a developer: 1) 3DS Max/Blender for modeling 2) Photoshop for texturing 3) Good knowledge of the SDK and how...
  7. Jordansim

    P3D v4 New Scenery Project Recruitment for P3D

    Hello, I am looking for talented 3D Modellers and Texture Artists for a International Airport scenery project for P3D, please read below. This is a Paid Project. The Scenery must include: 1) High Resolution Photoreal Base 2)High quality models 3)High Quality textures (Good textures)...
  8. MatthiasKNU

    PSCreator ALPHA 2.000e

    This is a ALPHA VERSION This tool creates photoscenery BGLs from Imagery, which has been downloaded with Ortho4XP for P3D. The tool creates the blend- and watermask, based on shapefiles and resamples. Furthermore, it is able to create 5 seasons (winter, hardwinter (snow), spring, summer and...
  9. chxry

    P3D Aircraft Developer

    I'm in a team making a study level A350 for P3DV5 and possibly FS2020. We have some models, textures and sounds currently although we need someone who has developed with the P3D SDK already to help us with getting it into the sim and making things like panels and systems work. We are currently...
  10. HannesSchmid

    Get BGL Type

    I have a good selection of (not to sophisticated) airport sceneries that work fine in FSX. If I port them to P3D v4/5 using the addon.xml methode, the airport sceneries are visible but have some scenery elements missing. I assume the reason is that some BGLs are FS9 BGLs or the textures are...
  11. C

    Reading a "dummy axis" with XML gauge

    The name of the game today: I am writing a XML gauge to simulate the unusual nose wheel steering on Twin Commanders, which is operated by the toe brakes as opposed to rudder. The first part of toe pedal travel (e.g. 30%) is dedicated to steering; beyond that, the pedal applies brake as...
  12. gayanll

    P3D v4 Best Scenery placement tool...

    Did some digging and people use many tools for this job. So started a poll, and we'll see whats is the most popular one. If you tool is not here, please comment it so we all can check on it too. :)
  13. gayanll

    P3D v4 Volumetric Lights

    Hi guys, Im trying to get some dynamic light with "Volumetric" effect to my new scenery. i got everything right except the "volume":D. Please refer attached photos, What i have is in photo "22". and i want to achieve the effect as in photo "33". Thanks
  14. P

    ADE GP Gap issue

    Hi I couldn't figure out what is the issue here. there is a gap between the apron texture and GP texture. here is pics shown the problem.
  15. Vitus

    Blender Blender2P3D/FSX

    Hi folks, I just uploaded a first test-version of the new Blender2P3D/FSX toolset. You can find it in the Resources, currently listed under Scenery/Tools - but I'd like to stress that it works for aircraft, too. :D Here's the Link...
  16. gayanll

    P3D v4 Grass not Transparent in P3D.

    First of all I'm new to this. I created a Plane in Gmax and applied grass with Alpha layer and all that. Exported it to MDL, and opened in MCX. Looks perfect (see attached photo) But when i load the BGL in SimDirector to place it, its not transparent. I tried many options without any luck...
  17. pinkjr

    P3D v3 Adding Veggies, any interest?

    A problem I've been having is that OSM and USGS data for most US cities is incomplete, so adding vegetation AGN (for example), becomes a challenge. I have figured out how to edit shapefiles to add vegetation zones (or any other vector data) so that sceneproc spits out AGN with not just houses...
  18. Md Alavi

    P3D v4 Sliced lines on the ground poly Satellite image

    As you can see from the picture that there is grouped lines of the sliced ground polygon when zooming out it become very visible but when zooming in it appears barely, Is there any way of removing this lines in MCX Thanks Md Alavi Final Approach Design Simulation
  19. F

    P3D v4 pbr reflection seems off

    hi, im currently developing wmkp airport for p3dv4 and wanted to i. olement a bit of pbr feature in my scenery, but when it comes to the terminal glass reflection it seems a bit weird from the viewing angle. any idea what is the problem might be? modeled in blender and exportrd using mcx
  20. delivery guy

    P3D v4 P3D 4.5 hard coded cabin lights issue

    I never hard coded interior lights because FSX they never work. I noticed in P3D they actually work but when i change the view using the hat switch on the joystick some directions the light shuts off. Mostly when you facing away from the light. But when i try to add more lights in the VC for a...