1. Mason

    P3D v4 Simply Scenery Recruiting

    Who Are We? Hello All, We are Simply scenery a new up and coming development team that are looking to produce some of the most beautiful scenery around. We want to bring the fs community cheap and affordable scenery that also looks amazing at the same time. We are working on braining a website...
  2. K


    When I get an SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_CREATE_OBJECT_FAILED exception, is there any direct way to get the object id of the failed object (or the request id)? The only way I have found is via the send id.
  3. Clutch Cargo


    What started out as a simple add-on for myself turned into a multi-year project to see if I could create scenery the way I like it… not perfection but immersion. So after a year of concept, 1 ½ years of learning how to code and throw in a few years of scenery work for good measure and well...
  4. Pyscen

    GIMP: Making a 'Balanced' Texture v2.6

    GIMP: Making a 'Balanced' Texture v2.6 (.pdf) for FS9, FSX & P3D. PDF file containing instructions for GIMP v2.10.xx and v2.8.xx How to... either subdue or remove highlights and shadows from your textures (GIMP Only). Photo Editor (GIMP v2.10.xx or GIMP v2.8.xx) GIMP v2.10.xx: a. None...
  5. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps v2.4

    GIMP: Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) and Height Maps (HM) v2.4 for FS9, FSX & P3D. PDF file containing instructions for GIMP v2.8.xx and GIMP v2.10.xx Only. Photo Editor (GIMP v2.8.xx or GIMP v2.10.xx) GIMP (v2.8.xx): a. The High Pass Filter Plugin The original location of the High Pass...
  6. Albi

    FSX MCX problems? groundpoly.

    I am creating ground poly, created a runway using gmax. I have used 8 textures for it such as edge white line, yellow line, overlay, base asphalt and so on. But when I open it in MCX via ground poly wizard, only 6 textures show up. Then another problem is, I get textures switched, shown in the...
  7. christopherbritton

    P3D v3 ADE Poor Performance with P3D open.

    Just curious, has anyone else had any performance issues with ADE while their sim is running? For whatever reason, if I have P3Dv3 running (Even Paused and collapsed to the Taskbar) it's practically impossible to use ADE, it lags so bad. I've had this issue for a while, but use to, if I Paused...
  8. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Bicycle Avatar

    Hi. Just want to tell you that I'm working on a bike for the P3D. Technically, the Avatar mode comes into play here, which makes it possible to create an avatar as a cyclist. Currently the bike has three states: standing, driving and fast driving. A wheelie (driving on the rear wheel) should...
  9. rpmc

    Attempting to trap VIEW_RESET event

    I'm attempting to trap events associated with View commands mapped to the keyboard. For example, when NUMPAD 4 is pressed, the outside view looks left and the following trap successfully runs script A: <Keys> <On Event="VIEW_LEFT"> do script A </On> </Keys> When NUMPAD 4 is released...
  10. Younes

    P3D v4 Elevation issue with custom airport with photoscenery. [DISREGARD]

    Hello, so I have been developing a small airfield located in belarus, but have had some problems with the elevation of the runway and the photoscenery I generated from fsearthtiles (the runway is beneath the photoscenery). Here are some screenshots of the problem. Also as for the 3rd pic how can...
  11. L

    I‘m new in programming Gauges ,asking for help .

    Hi everyone: I'm trying to develop an app that run PFD and MFD on another PC, using simconnect to transport data between P3D and APP. So far , I complete most of PFD and MFD functions but navigation system by using QT 4.5. Although I could recive longitude and latitude from simconnect ...
  12. R

    P3D v4 Effect Boxes don't match the lamp models

    Hi, I'm having trouble with airport lighting recently. Let me get this straight, First,the models and the attatchpoints are exactly aligned in 3DS Max. Second as I exported them separatedly, drop them into MCX, and both did FSX earth curve correction. Then I placed them both with the same...
  13. R

    P3D v4 [SOLVED]3DS MAX material export and Alpha channel problem

    Hi all, I ran into really annoying problems these days ,just sorted out some of them, but this one is too hard that I had to seek for exact help with.:( First, I'm new to 3DS MAX, currently using version of 2017 with SDK version Prepar3D v4 SDK 4.2.21. I followed the tutorial that LM provided...
  14. A


    Greetings ... I'm "trying" to create a scenario for fsx and p3d with the objects I have no problem, but with what runways and taxiways yes, and that is that when I'm on runway it does not see the same but with I am ascending the runway little by little it is appearing ... the problem is that ...
  15. DirectDani

    FSEarthTiles = How should i do this properly?

    So basically, i have a project of this island located not far from Coepnahegn and Malmö. I have sharpened the Ground texture a bit, and i could also do a bit of colorgrading. But i really wanna know what type of masking or blending colours i need to use for this one. ( As shown on second picture...
  16. christopherbritton

    The best way to implement custom LandClass textures?

    Hello all. As the title asks, what is the best way to go about implementing custom LandClass textures? The method I have used to date has been the well known classic of naming the textures to match the corresponding default texture name then cramming it/them into my (project) texture folder...
  17. K

    Elevation difference between p3dv3 and p3dv4

    I'm modelling a little airport and I've run into an issue. I can't get simdirector to load the catalog in p3dv4 (yes I've tried disabling my ALL of my addon sceney, it still never loads the catalog) so I've been using simdirector in p3dv3. I place my 3d objects with simdirector > export from...
  18. Christian Bahr

    Animated Character for P3D 1.00

    Anyone who has ever wanted to deal with the topic of character design and character animation in P3D, for whom there are now the source files of a character. The male person contained in the archive is prepared for immediate export to P3D. The package contains a) the source files and b) the...
  19. K

    P3D v4 Change view via simConnect (to AI view)

    In P3D I can follow AI aircraft by changing to a view which follows the plane. Can I open such a view / switch to that view via SimConnect. Ideally I would be able able to retrieve all view names, search them in my code and the select it FSX/P3D.
  20. K

    P3D v4 [solved] Get ground elevation (altitude) at arbitrary coordinates

    I need to obtain the scenery's ground elevation at a given position (latitude/longitude). I found the following thread here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/fsx-question-on-how-to-get-altitude-of-coordinates.19344/#post-127891 Obviously the only way is to create a dummy AI object and...