1. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Starter for Engine - Start Button "SOLVED"

    Hi! For the start of the engine a button was animated and tagged with the animation tag "switch_starter". The clickspot was also tagged with "switch_starter": The startup works. if I press the button, then the engine starts. But stopping the engine does not work! The goal is to be solved...
  2. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Self-defined code for doors, bonnet and tailgate

    Hello! This is my first "serious" :p attempt to build a car: Chevrolet Suburban 2015er Everything works so far good. The doors can be opened via clickspots (mouse rectangle), the lights can be operated using the standard keyboard layout and the car is now stable. Before that, he tipped...
  3. IronSim

    P3D v4 LGKP - Karpathos Island airport

    I have started work on Karpathos airport in Greece, Gpoly is custom (PBR Materials + PBR Rain). Will included Terminal building and buildings nearby + ATC Buildings Lightpoles with dynamic lights SODE Windsock Custom Photoreal (+ modified mesh ) Autogen (Dry grass , bushes) etc.
  4. I

    P3D v4 [ Solved ] Ground poly from 3ds Max use Ground poly Wizard Disappear at edge of sceen

    Here is my little project of VTCL Lampang airport Thailand. Now I working on ground poly, I model it from 3ds Max and export it as .X and then use MCX ground polygon wizard covert it to .BGL Here is my video any ideas? Thank!!
  5. kevinmdavis2010

    P3D v4 PMDG 737 Repaint

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a livery for the PMDG 737 from scratch. However, I've looked at several YouTube videos, and all of them "assume" that the user has designed a livery already. I haven't done this, as I want to make a fictional livery. Is there any type of manual for how to do this...

    Need .x file exported from 3DS Max using latest P3D v4.5.12.30293 SDK

    Hi, Recently, I have requested Arno to have a look into the latest SDK. He said it seems there are new features might got added especially on PBR materials part. Since we both don’t have 3DS Max software we couldn’t produce the .x file. I hope someone who has it could help produce the .x file...
  7. P

    Compiling doesn't save my changes

    Hi! Im very new to ADE and scenery in general. I have found my local airport for fsx but I want to use it in P3D v4.4. I have used it in earlier versions of P3D v4, but now it doesnt seem to work anymore. I think I am doing something wrong with the BGL file and ADE. The thing is there is a bit...
  8. Davide Ferrara

    From Substance Painter to 3DS MAX and P3D v4.5 (PBR) -- Tutorial --

    Hi everyone, I'm David from Tailstrike Designs! I just discovered an easy way to export material from Substance Painter easily in P3D v4.5. 1) First of all of all we have to create a preset for exporting all the texture with the correct channel in place! 2) Open your SP project, go to file /...
  9. A

    Ignoring UV Mapping

    Hi, I'm a newbie doing to preliminary testing of making a model in Blender then loading to P3DV4 via MXC. In Blender I have created the model and added a Material, UV mapped and added a seamless brick texture. In Blender it looks OK. ( Please note scaling of the bricks is correct. I then...
  10. S

    P3D v4 About skeletal animation, how to import p4d and control them with buttons

    Hello everyone, I am a beginner. I have some questions. I used 3dsmax to create some aircraft parts and animations, how to import them into p4d, how do I use shortcut keys to control them in p4d? Is there a tutorial?;) Looking forward to your reply。:D
  11. ddawson

    PDK Sample Gauge 1.0

    This is a sample gauge that implements some of the features available to gauges through the PDK These inlude: Fuel handling Sound Pause status Message handling The #includes for the header files are reflective of the way I have them stored on my system so you will need to modify these entries...
  12. A

    Dynamic lights only partly showing

    hello all, I have a quick issue, I am in the process of adding dynamic lights to MMMX by TAxi2gate, just so I can experiment with the effect on non-v4 native airports. I am using MCX to add the spotlight effect to each position within the BGL gile, and I can see the dynamic lights in the sim...
  13. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Halloween Scary Party Castle Frankenstein

    A scary hello! For this year's Halloween party there is a small dance scene for the P3Dv4: The Helloween Scary Party at Castle Frankenstein. The place is, as the title suggests, the castle Frankenstein in Germany near Darmstadt. Every year the Halloween party takes place there and it was close...
  14. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 WindShild RainEffect on Buildings

    Hi Devs! A simple question. Is it possible to put the WindShildRainEffect on buildings as well and has someone gained experience with that? Here in the forum I could not find anything suitable for the subject. What is meant is whether the raindrop effect, which has existed since P3DV4 for...
  15. M

    P3D v4 Detail texture change every 1 second (LUA script)

    Hi, I've been experimenting to animate texture in P3DV4. First I tried to display 3 different objects in sequence, however there was a noticeable performance loos plus the whole operation was quite time consuming to do. I was wondering if anybody tried to do this using LUA script and if...
  16. G

    P3D v4 How To for seasonal textures?

    Hello guys, I need a bit (or a lot) of help understanding how to implement seasonal textures in my work! What I did so far: - grabbed the sat img (SBX) - modified the img to generate seasons (Gimp) - applied texture to "ground" (SKU) - inserted texture into the sim (MCX) - hardened terrain...
  17. S

    Effects placed using SDK instr not visible?

    Seriously, I'm about to Elvis my monitor :cool: I've spent countless hours now meticulously placing an effect file using the method outlined in the SDK. I'm able to place a ramp spotlight effect with a y-offset of 55 (ft or m I don't know). The effect previews beautifully in P3d (v4.1). I save...
  18. K

    Simdirector catalog loading

    I can't get simdirector for p3dv4 to load the catalog. I have tried disabling all of my addon scenery and I've also tried turning off the friendly names option to speed up the time. I actually can't turn off the friendly names option because every time I try to exit simdirector the program...
  19. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Self-defined camera in scenery?

    I've got a question. Currently I'm planning a scenery in which a camera is attached to a building. In reality, this camera takes pictures and sends the pictures taken to the website of the airfield club: Now I have modeled these cameras and would like - if possible - to attach a custom...
  20. Leonardo Moreira

    P3D v4 Best 3D Grass/shurbs place method

    Hi Guys, What is the best way to position 3d grass like the images below: I try the paint object method (3ds max), but it has a big impact on performance. TY :)