photoreal scenery

  1. S

    Removing Autogen from stock airport in Photoreal Scenery

    I'm trying desperately to get rid of autogen buildings showing up in my airports. I read different thread's about the subject here and I tried all possible solutions with the different terrain polygon's (ExcludeAutogen, Flatten exclude autogen, Flatten Mask class Map ExcludeAutogen, ...) non of...
  2. R

    New FS earth tiles please!

    Arno, we know you're the man for the job, help us create our photoreal textures. xp2ortho is so refined compared to fserthtiles and sbuilderx , also google sats are so much better that bing! A up to date FSearthtiles with zoned zoom levels low res and high res around airports, please...
  3. A

    P3D v3 Resample Problem

    Hello Dear Community I'm currently working on HKKI (Kisumu,Kenya). It's my first project. At the Moment i'm a bit stuck. When i try to Compile my Blendmask (BMP) and my photoreal background with alpha channel for water (BMP) it's only compiling one of them. resample.exe gives me following error...
  4. peacefarm

    Ortho + Autogen

    Hello everyone, I'm curious as to if there is a way to add auto-gen to ortho scenery? I'm looking to cover large areas using SbuilderX. Currently using P3D v3.4 with Orbx Global, Vector, LC. It would truly be wonderful if I could substitute the Orbx ground textures with ortho, but leave the...
  5. Afuq_aviation

    FSX Ground and grass textures for photoreal scenery

    Hey there folks,im quite new to this forum so please be nice to me okay,not only that but am new to making sceneries Okay back to topic,Im currently working on my latest and new project,which is the an asian scenery Langkawi International Airport.So my question is,how can i make realistic grass...