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  1. Michael21

    P3D v5 Ground polygon issue transparent PBR Material

    Hello guys! The issue consists in the fact that some of the translucent layers (PBR materials) from my custom ground poly, disappear at certain view angles. If I set materials to opaque the problem goes away. Z-Bias begins from 4 to 6, 8 and so on... There's no "overlapping" z-bias layers. The...
  2. Michael21

    MCX A suggestion for MCX

    Hello, @arno ! It's been a quite some time now using your tools, especially MCX. It is a great tool! Thx! However, I think it can be further improved in terms of user experience. This is not a request but a suggestion, how the title says ) What I think you could do to improve interaction with...
  3. Classicsims

    TopKit Simulations 737 Classic Freeware Project

    G'day all, TopKit Simulations is searching for some individuals who are willing to commit some time to help develop a freeware, open source (in the future), Boeing 737 Classic for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D V4/V5. We can offer quite a few benefits some of these benefits can be...
  4. J

    ADE not recognizing Flight Sim

    Hi all, I've recently downloaded ADE and I'm trying to choose my FS version. I have a grayed-out dropdown box, so I'm assuming it isn't recognizing where the flight simulator is installed. I'm currently running Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d. Do I need to install it in a different file path...
  5. Michael21

    P3D v5 Moving clouds for video trailer

    Hello guys! About two months ago I have did this but unfortunately, I don't recall how I've did it. Can somebody help me with this? Many thx!
  6. G

    P3D v4 Is it possible to read SimConnect Variables from First Officer?

    Hello, as the question in the title... I have read from an Thrid Party Add-On the QNH with the Variable "KOHLSMAN SETTING MB". This works for the Captains pfd. But how can I read the F/O QNH? I have tried it with "KOHLSMAN SETTING MB:1". And also with 2, 3 and 4... But nothing worked. Any...
  7. K

    P3D v5 Export Struct Data in PDK

    Hi all, recently I am learning how to export the struct data from PDK to outside users. A fresh example is what PMDG does. They export the hardware data so other players can interface with the simulation. pSimObjectMgr->RegisterProperty(CLSID_Airplane, TEXT("DEBUG_FYCYC_Internal_Data")...
  8. yowman

    P3D v5 stuck with custom placed mcx dynamic lighting

    hi guys, I really need your help....I add some spotlight using mcx on a scenery....I have followed all solutions on every dyn light discussion...my DL still not active when I makes the scenery as my arrival.... what should I do? this is my dyn light .fx file : [Library Effect] Lifetime=5...
  9. Lagaffe

    ArmorPaint, the new software to create PBR texture

    Textures design standards In the years 2000 to 2010, textures for 3D models were designed from 3D models that were projected onto plans, these plans becoming texture maps (maping) that were then worked from 2D software such as PhotoShop, Corel Draw or The Gimp. In the last three or four years, a...
  10. OnurDemirci

    P3D v3 : Multiple Issues About Custom Scenery (SketchUp Model) [SOLVED]

    Hi, In the last 4 days I'm trying to add a SketchUp model into Prepar 3D v3. Here is the link for the model : click But no matter how hard I try, I can't resolve some issues: I'm seeing the backside (or inside) of object no matter which angle I look Clouds and lights are always in front of...
  11. Apoorv Pal

    Methodology for Ground Polygons

    Hey, I have recently begun developing airport sceneries for Prepar3D and I use Blender to model and export the objects. While working on the Ground Polygons, what process do you follow for the texturing? Most tutorials I see online use tiling of base textures (asphalt/concrete and cracks) over...
  12. Max_Kaptelkin


    Guys i have intersting problem. In prepar3d i have artefacts. Texture ok BUT in prepar3d artefacts IN FSX all OK You know because it and how fix it?
  13. kevinmdavis2010

    P3D v4 P3D Compatibility?

    Good afternoon, I just downloaded the latest version of ModelConverterX. After looking at the Release Notes on the site, I got the impression that it worked with P3D4. However, when I go into ModelConverterX, it only lists FSX and FS2004 as Simulator choices. Does the software actually work...
  14. Z

    SketchUp Need some models

    Hi All, I am creating my very first scenery!!! I am using Sketchup for most of the modeling as I am **VERY** new to all of this. I was wondering if anybody had any models I could use or they could make, all static. I am creating the airport KPAO (freware) and am in need of some static cars...
  15. chxry

    P3D Aircraft Developer

    I'm in a team making a study level A350 for P3DV5 and possibly FS2020. We have some models, textures and sounds currently although we need someone who has developed with the P3D SDK already to help us with getting it into the sim and making things like panels and systems work. We are currently...
  16. kevinmdavis2010

    P3D v4 Addon Scenery Error

    Good morning, For the past week or so, P3d4 isn't accepting any of my addon scenery. It has never done this before in all the time I've been using the Simulator. Whenever I try to "point" the folder with all of the addon scenery (BGL's) I have into P3d's Scenery Library, I get errors that...
  17. G

    P3D v4 Help with first gauge development

    Hi Everyone, I am a software developer and needed a checklist window to show up in VR in PMDG. After reading a bit about gauges and panels, I created my first gauge! Everything went fine until I ran Prepar3d, clicked on Test Panel -> No Content. No errors when loading the PMDG either. PMDG...
  18. R

    Jet Provost T.4

    Exterior model progress. Rotorhub
  19. Albi

    P3D dynamic light problem

    I have been playing with dynamic light for P3D 4. Added a spot light, set the orientation to face down to the ground. Added the created .fx to P3D's effects folder but when I test it in P3D, its always in the default sideways angle. Also it doesn't follow my light intensity parameters...
  20. Vitus

    Blender -> FSX/P3D

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you aircraft modellers successfully switched over to Blender 2.80 and if so - how? I would really like to dive into Blender, since no other 3d software can beat its price tag. But it seems as if most users here use it for scenery creation and I find the...