1. Max_Kaptelkin


    Guys i have intersting problem. In prepar3d i have artefacts. Texture ok BUT in prepar3d artefacts IN FSX all OK You know because it and how fix it?
  2. kevinmdavis2010

    P3D v4 P3D Compatibility?

    Good afternoon, I just downloaded the latest version of ModelConverterX. After looking at the Release Notes on the site, I got the impression that it worked with P3D4. However, when I go into ModelConverterX, it only lists FSX and FS2004 as Simulator choices. Does the software actually work...
  3. Z

    SketchUp Need some models

    Hi All, I am creating my very first scenery!!! I am using Sketchup for most of the modeling as I am **VERY** new to all of this. I was wondering if anybody had any models I could use or they could make, all static. I am creating the airport KPAO (freware) and am in need of some static cars...
  4. chxry

    P3D Aircraft Developer

    I'm in a team making a study level A350 for P3DV5 and possibly FS2020. We have some models, textures and sounds currently although we need someone who has developed with the P3D SDK already to help us with getting it into the sim and making things like panels and systems work. We are currently...
  5. kevinmdavis2010

    P3D v4 Addon Scenery Error

    Good morning, For the past week or so, P3d4 isn't accepting any of my addon scenery. It has never done this before in all the time I've been using the Simulator. Whenever I try to "point" the folder with all of the addon scenery (BGL's) I have into P3d's Scenery Library, I get errors that...
  6. G

    P3D v4 Help with first gauge development

    Hi Everyone, I am a software developer and needed a checklist window to show up in VR in PMDG. After reading a bit about gauges and panels, I created my first gauge! Everything went fine until I ran Prepar3d, clicked on Test Panel -> No Content. No errors when loading the PMDG either. PMDG...
  7. R

    Jet Provost T.4

    Exterior model progress. Rotorhub
  8. Albi

    P3D dynamic light problem

    I have been playing with dynamic light for P3D 4. Added a spot light, set the orientation to face down to the ground. Added the created .fx to P3D's effects folder but when I test it in P3D, its always in the default sideways angle. Also it doesn't follow my light intensity parameters...
  9. Vitus

    Blender -> FSX/P3D

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you aircraft modellers successfully switched over to Blender 2.80 and if so - how? I would really like to dive into Blender, since no other 3d software can beat its price tag. But it seems as if most users here use it for scenery creation and I find the...

    How to get the path of installed P3D version via code from registry?

    Hi, I would like to get some info based on the code below. I wanted when running this script via .cmd, it will look for the registry of P3D installed on our pc and will copy the path and paste it to the red fonts in the codes below. @echo off REM Batch Script for Prepar3D V4 REM Add the...
  11. C

    P3D v4 Making runway textures

    Hello everyone! How are you making runway textures? I tried one tiling texture for all runway. I am doing small airport, and there are a lot of cracks, potholes and etc. So if I made base tiling texture, now I have to make lots of planes with crack textures and etc. This method is really...
  12. Vitus

    P3D v4 Throttle/Mixture overwrite using simConnect. Problem: FSUIPC

    Hi folks, It's been a while. I've been super busy getting the update for my Vega out of the way. Since the update, some of my customers experienced some issues in combination with FSUIPC and I was wondering if someone here has an idea how to resolve this. I am overwriting the sims throttle and...
  13. Alpha2Echo

    QMID 11 Cell Exclusion

    Hi there, I really like the idea of TSP. I'm trying it out at the moment for my actual project, I decided to do so because I need a tool for simple flatten hole creation. Pretty nice so far. Here's my question: When exporting the bgl for P3D I am asked if I want to exclude everything within...
  14. Michael21

    P3D v4 Help me with understanding of Material Alpha Test and transparency

    Hello everyone! Guys, firstly, please watch this video Then look at the screenshots, and you will clearly see 2 problems here. And if you know how i can get rid of them, please, help me. I'm fully confident it's something about material propreties, something about transparency and material...
  15. T

    Good Scenery performance

    Hello everybody, I would like to know how e.g. Jo Erlend Sund can achieve such a good performance with his complex and very detailed sceneries. Thank you very much
  16. Pablo R.

    FSX Help with airport elevations

    Hello, I have a problem with elevations in the airport I'm developing. It's an airfield that is not included by default, so I have to make it from scratch. As it's in the middle of the countryside, there are little elevation variations and when I try to place the runway with Instant Scenery it...
  17. seippg

    ILS values in .cfg file

    I'm trying to fix both the ILS intercept and hold on an aircraft. On the intercept, the airplane waits until the GS passes below and then tries to catch it. It also overshoots the localizer a bit. As far as I know, these are the vars that control how the aircraft manages itself on the ILS...
  18. T

    P3D v3 night texture issue

    hi,guys!this is tyxxxi from china,There are some questions I would like to ask.I am making night texture,But I do not know where the problem is,When I dragged the DayNight_Variations.inf file to resample.exe, nothing happened,can you show me your inf file?or tell me how to calculate Xdim and...
  19. rcunningham12

    Modeling position available at Viewpoint Technologies (Paid Job)

    Hello all, We are looking to recruit modelers for a aircraft project that will be very unique. Our company is looking to expand from the 3 members we have in scenery development to a few in aircraft development. This project is very important to us as it has been very much considered for and...
  20. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v3 RDS - UUML Severka Airfield (Released)

    UUML Severka Airfield RDS - Russian Digital Simulations Severka - private airfield, sports airfield and airfield GA. Located in the Kolomna district of Moscow region,73 km from Moscow or 53 km from UUDD Domodedovo Airport. The airfield is used for deployment and execution of flights by...