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  1. A

    I have the path displayed in red

    Hello everyone, since a while ago I tried to put the path of the P3D simulator, but it is displayed in red, is this normal? Thank you for your help. I have version 3.14
  2. haykal17

    Landclass appearing above imagery when near?

    i was doing a huge project covering the whole island of bali, im using SbuilderX for the photo Imagery and Scenproc for the autogen, it work all well before, but i see that the "coastline" part of the old imagery is really bad, so i take the new one from sbuilderX with ZL13 and make that feel...
  3. Matteo07

    FSX terrain under photoreal problem

    Hi everyone, I'm doing a photoreal scenery with SBuilderX v.313, but there are some problems. The first is that under my photoreal there is the FSX default island. The second is that I added polygons to do some montains in this island but this doesn't work well. You can see there that I...
  4. Rotornut44

    SBuilderX 315 - Any remedy to tile server crashes?

    I'm no stranger to SBuilderX and it's crashes. I have put up with them for over 7 years now, but it's starting to get to a point where my projects are getting more detailed and thus each crash slows me down more and more. The crashes I deal with 99% of the time are directly correlated to the...
  5. Rotornut44

    SBuilderX - Custom Objects Error on Compile

    Hello, I'm trying to place a 90x90m custom grass object using SBuilderX. I have followed the directions for adding custom object libraries, however I am getting the following message on compile: I have added the following line to FSX_autogen.txt in SBuilderX315\LibObjects...
  6. Rotornut44

    SBX - Hole/Water polys become inverted on BGL export?

    Hello, I have been plugging away with my vector data for the Solomon Islands, however an issue arose today. When I am working in SBuilderX 315, all of my data seems to display correctly. Water is where water should be and holes are assigned where land should be. However, when I compile the BGL...
  7. Rotornut44

    [Solved] SBuilderX315 - Polygon "Make Line" leaves gap?

    Good morning. I've been working on some hand-drawn vector for my Solomon Islands X freeware scenery. To speed up the process, I have always used the "Make Line" option (by right-clicking on the poly) to draw my shoreline textures, however this leaves a gap between two of the points. Is there...
  8. Bungo

    Differences SBX Generic Building and in-sim Texture Mapping

    When creating warehouses and sheds as generic buildings in SBX (3.14 x64), the Bottom textures for the more industrial buildings line up OK vertically in SBX, but when compiled and opened in P3D v3.4, the textures seem to align halfway between 2 'layers' or textures on the texture sheets? ie...
  9. Bungo

    Importing SBX tiles into Scenproc to export to GEOTIFF (??)

    Does Scenproc import the BMP files using the TXT files that SBX creates (not the INF fles when you compile)? If so, what is the command to import them? cheers Braedon
  10. Bungo

    SBX314 x64 - Tile download pauses with 1 or 2 to go

    Has anyone seen where SBX 3.14 x64 downloads all the tiles using the google maps downloader (722 and the initial v3 API one), and never completes? It's downloaded 7936 (+/- a few) tiles at zoom 20, but stops on the last 1 - 10 every time. I can leave it all night and nothing seems to get it...
  11. seippg

    USGS OrthoImage Tif files

    I got some good orthoimagery from USGS Earth Explorer and tried loading it into SBuilderX....12 images, 20 Meg each. I tried just uploading 2 of them, without calibration at first, but the images were too tall and just overlayed one another which makes me think SBuilderX couldn't read the image...
  12. Rotornut44

    SBuilderX Cleanup 2.0

    The SBuilderX tile server can be a very useful tool in your development workflow, but over time it will also build up an enormous cache of satellite tiles and directories. This cache can be cleared manually, but to make things much easier, I decided to write this batch script that will do the...
  13. Bungo

    Can the Sbuilder Google Maps plugin not download the POI/business overlay?

    I am trying to use digitise the building outlines from Google Maps, and when the Google Maps downloader downloads the tiles it includes the POI/business names with it which tends to mess with the feature detection a little. Is it possible to re-configure the downloader to not include this...
  14. Scarebus10101

    P3D v3 How to make a Photo real Town?

    Hey Guys! Once again im am starting with new scenery after finshing my first one which can downlaoded here if you wish to ;) : http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fsx-scenarii-83/scenariy-aeroporta-gomel-umgg-fsx-p3dv3-60020.html Anyways to get into the point Im trying to make a small town in Belarus...
  15. astaticmusic

    P3D Version 3.4.14 Landclass bleeding through .bgl's

    The Once solid textures/images of my .bgl photoreal ground textures are now bleeding some kind of landclass through, looks like very large grass, and its showing though all ground .bgls I just noticed this upon updating to version 3.4.14 anybody have any ideas on this or how to fix this...
  16. Scarebus10101

    P3D v3 "Nothing to Compile" after adding seasons to Photoscenery SBuilderX

    Hello im new to developing scenery and recently i have been developing Homiel airport UMGG, in belarus for both FSX and P3D V3. I have come across issues with getting my seasons for my Photoscenery to work mostly the Heavy winter texture so i finally watched some tutorials several times and...
  17. roger-wilco-66

    ATTN SBuilderX 64 and Win10 Workaround

    Hi, I guess it is well known in the meanwhile that SBX 64 does not work correctly when you run it under Win 10 due to an incompatibility with the shapelib.dll. SBX 64 can't compile CVX data, throwing an error. Tom Stovall (member here) and I had the idea to run it in a virtual Win7-64 machine...
  18. S