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  1. H01VE

    Static L188 !

    like some sort of lowpoly veteran/ retired / combi / freighter / possible firefighter L188 static ac, i like how it came out! what do you guys think?
  2. S

    MSFS EGSF Conington Aerodrome

    Very soon to be released by us is Conington Aerodrome, perhaps another week or 2 in development and it will be available to purchase at JustFlight and SimMarket. Check our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61559252611091
  3. hoynedawg

    MSFS [Released] Tauranga Region, NZ | NZA Simulations

    Hi all, We have been working away on the Tauranga region for the past 8 months and are now locked in for the 16/04/24 realease date. NZA Simulations Proline™ Addon - 3 Airports and 1 Heliport included -- NZTG – Tauranga Airport -- NZWV – Waihi Beach Aerodrome -- NZOI – Motiti Island (no...
  4. H01VE

    Static G II wip

    Hi you al! jeeez... static AC are fs9 payware these days
  5. H01VE

    WIP boneyard Boeing 737-400 pack

    its coming soon! some fresh textures, some openings here and there et voilá do you guys remember when these where new?
  6. Marcstrasb

    MSFS How to make a Traffic AI in MSFS ?

    I'm trying to understand how to do AI traffic in msfs. I will be happy if the FSDeveloper Community can give me some ideas on the following topics: - Conversion of an AI FSX/P3D device for MSF - Using AIFP3 once the AI plane is integrated into Communty I can manage, but sometimes I need help...
  7. A

    MSFS Projected Mesh Issue

    Hi Guys, I've got a hugh issue with projected mesh in msfs 2020. The first screenshot shows part of my projected mesh - absolutely perfect - or so i thought. The second screenshot is part of the same projected mesh, but below the correct elements. Its as though it has taken every line and...
  8. H01VE

    B721 Static AC

    just loved to make this lowpoly one! and how it went... just wanted to share
  9. Marcstrasb

    MSFS How to build a mound of earth protecting a tarmac ?

    Hi ! I would like to create a mound of earth protecting an area of tarmac in an airfield landscape. I don't really know where to start to build this mound of earth. I have experience building airfields. Maybe I can have a diagram of what needs to be done so that I can poke around in...
  10. DaymarusLV

    MSFS Fuelstation Object

    Hello everyone! Got a bit of unusual question. Did anybody here worked with/created FuelStation Objects? What I mean is I have a model of a Fueling station, and I want to make fueling panel popup once the airplane approaches it. I thought it's a WorldScript, with proximity triggers, but I have...
  11. Marcstrasb

    FSX What software can output an Mdl file ?

    Hello ! I am pretty bad at scenery. I need to use an mdl file with ModelConverterX to be able to confirm the geographic point in FSX. I need to build an object (control tower type) that I must output in MDL in order to read it by MCX and so that I can compile it in Bgl. But I don't know with...
  12. T

    SDK Need standard to give possible employer a quote.

    I'm a 3D artist and recently I have been given the possible opportunity to work on multiple scenery projects for a developer who has a made several addons for x-plane and MS2020. This job has the potential to become full time, so I would like to get things right if possible. If hired, the first...
  13. b2soft

    MSFS Guidance needed in ground layout topic

    Hello. I’ve checked several tutorials regarding ground layout (aprons, taxiways, markings) and tried some stuff on my own, but there are some questions came to my mind. 1. How aprons are normally done? I want to use custom textures. Iirc metalness is not supported by projected meshes, so either...
  14. I

    MSFS Adding non-airport scenery objects

    Hello folks. Following a discussion with an Irish historian on Twitter, I decided to make a model of the little Coast Watcher Lookout Post from The Emergency (what Ireland called WW2) and position them appropriately around the coast of the country, with attached POIs. The problem is, you don't...
  15. B

    Object imported appears as a tiny invisible cube

    Recently I imported an object from Sketchup to MSFS 2020, but the problem is that when I add it into the scenery, it appears as an extremely tiny tilted cube (see image below). I've minimized the drawcalls in Model Converter X, and also made sure that I got the 3 necessary files (.bin, .xml and...
  16. C

    Photogrammetry Airport Exclusions

    Hi All, I'm working on a couple of freeware projects one of which is an urban airport in a photogrammetry city. Photogrammetry is pretty good but the default "airport" scenery extends aprons and OSM buildings quite a ways into the photogrammetry which looks pretty poor both at a distance and on...
  17. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS In need of a scenery/airport developer, preferably Blender. 40% of sales.

    In need of a scenery airport developer, preferably Blender. Offering 40% of sales, infinity. In need of a trusted and responsible airport, scenery designer. To help me complete an airport that's been on hold for a long period of time. Candidate will get paid 50% of the sales until the end of...
  18. WildLynxPilot

    MSFS Published: EEKE - Kuressaare, Estonia

    Tere tulemast Kuressaareen! Welcome to Kuressaare. My latest project was published today: https://fsaddons.fi/msfs2020-sceneries/download/2-msfs2020-sceneries/26-eeke-kuressaare
  19. C

    Disappearing objects on compile MSFS

    Hi FS Dev community. I've done a forum search for this issue and haven't turned up anything, I'm relatively new to the MSFS side of things but did do a bit in FSX ages ago. I've built a helipad for a nearby city (Dunedin, NZ if anyone is interested) and putting the final touches and doing some...
  20. TulparSim

    MSFS How to attach a jetway to 2 gates?

    Hello, I'm wondering how to attach a jetway 2 gates. Is there a trick or some way to achieve this behaviour? Thanks,