1. christopherbritton

    Shump, Talkeetna, AK - Alaskan Backcountry Airstrips (FSX/P3D)

    This scenery is a Work in Progress. Shump is a private backcountry airstrip that I have been working on for the better part of this year. The scenery will feature a decent size photoreal coverage area (I have yet to calculate the full extent) containing two airstrips: Shump (AA00) and another...
  2. haykal17

    (Released) Project MAX EGDX/EGSY St Athan Airbase for P3DV4

    We are announcing that we have already released First Version of St Athan Airbase (EGDX or EGSY) For Free, This Version Include : -Custom Roadway Traffic -Custom Autogen in some area -Custom Ground Poly -Imagery Here some screenshot of the scenery Download Link ...
  3. Alex753

    P3D v4 Vario Design - Elmira Harris Hill soaring corporation (New York, USA)

    Hi ! After few issues working with the GP I'm happy to show you another little airfield I'm just done with : Harris Hill soaring corporation in the New York state. Just went to see some friends that were flying there last month and I took this opportunity to take pictures of buildings, I...
  4. D

    Blender to FSX - basic tutorial video.

    Here's a very basic video tutorial on how to make a simple 3-D model in Blender (2.79), add textures and export in Collada format before converting it into a scenery BGL with ModelConverterX (thanks Arno!) and installing in FSX. It's aimed at the enthusiastic newcomer to Blender who wants to...
  5. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 SimDocks goes installer

    The two SimDocks scenes HAMBURG ALSTER and BIRDS AIR ROUTE FROM PUTTGARDEN TO RODBYHAVN, which previously had to be installed manually, have now been equipped with an automatic 2-way installer. The reason for this is that during the installation you can choose whether you want to install using...
  6. H01VE

    static stuff

    :) some recent meshes
  7. kevinmdavis2010

    FSX:SE DSF file to FSX?

    All, I own both X-Plane and FSX: SE. However, I came across a scenery package on X-Plane's site that is highly realistic and ten times better than any scenery I've found for FSX - Payware or Freeware. In the Zip folder that came with the X-Plane scenery package, there is a subfolder called...
  8. sniperfull

    Creating a installer for scenery.

    Hi, i've been wanting to create a installer for scenery, but im wondering of how to add simulator detection the best? Would you recommend searching registry for entries for p3d or fsx? or using a different method. Aswell as finding the Scenery.cfg to add my scenery entry into. Greetings, Kuba.
  9. Mason

    P3D v4 Simply Scenery Recruiting

    Who Are We? Hello All, We are Simply scenery a new up and coming development team that are looking to produce some of the most beautiful scenery around. We want to bring the fs community cheap and affordable scenery that also looks amazing at the same time. We are working on bringing a website...
  10. J


  11. T

    Good Scenery performance

    Hello everybody, I would like to know how e.g. Jo Erlend Sund can achieve such a good performance with his complex and very detailed sceneries. Thank you very much
  12. A


    Greetings ... I'm "trying" to create a scenario for fsx and p3d with the objects I have no problem, but with what runways and taxiways yes, and that is that when I'm on runway it does not see the same but with I am ascending the runway little by little it is appearing ... the problem is that ...
  13. DirectDani

    FSEarthTiles = How should i do this properly?

    So basically, i have a project of this island located not far from Coepnahegn and Malmö. I have sharpened the Ground texture a bit, and i could also do a bit of colorgrading. But i really wanna know what type of masking or blending colours i need to use for this one. ( As shown on second picture...
  14. Leo2789

    FS2004 Looking for OBJ modeler/designer - Castles & Bridges (SketchUp/Gmax/Blender)

    Hello everyone! I am looking for anybody who might be interested in helping me out with a mega project I have in the making, of which you can read more about in the following thread:
  15. Leo2789

    FS2004 Tokelau Islands - Complete Scenery

    Hello, As I mentoined in the thread 'I'm working on scenery... (2018)', I am developing scenery for the Tokelau Islands, which geographically includes 4 atolls: 3 compromising the nation of Tokelau itself - which is a dependent territory of New Zealand - and 1 which is Swains Island, part of...
  16. Jason z

    Creating non-fall through objects

    I noticed that most if not all generic buildings could be landed on without falling through. Is there a way of doing this to an object in MCX? I'm creating a bridge and I don't want to fall through when I try to land or drive on it.
  17. Jason z

    Cleveland Hopkins International Scenery

    Can anyone give constructive criticism about this package? Note: -So far I do not have time/enough knowledge to make custom ground polys -Working on creating better day textures for terminal and hangars
  18. S

    FSX SimFly Cox Bazaar (VGCB) HD

    Work in progress for Cox Bazaar Airport, Bangladesh in fsx, fsx se, p3d v3 and above. Cox's Bazar International Airport (IATA: CXB, ICAO: VGCB) is a domestic airport in the resort town of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The airport serves mostly local and foreign tourists.
  19. JohanP

    P3D v4 EBAW Antwerp International Airport

    After two years of working on this. Having taken well over 10.000 pictures at the airport I've finally published Phase 1 of my scenery project. This first phase fucusses on the airport itself, lacks night textures or seasonal textures. It's the airport of Antwerp, in Belgium. Home to the...