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  1. J

    MSFS Unable to read ClientData at PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL stage

    Hi! I want to notify a third party the plane is unloading. I'm doing so setting the data via SetClientData at the stage PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL stage prior to the SimConnect handle is closed. However, the third party does not "see" the new data (SetClientData returns S_OK) whereas it works...
  2. J

    MSFS Unable to read ClientData at PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL stage

    Hi! I want to notify a third party the plane is unloading. I'm doing so setting the data via SetClientData at the stage PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL stage prior to the SimConnect handle is closed. However, the third party does not "see" the new data (SetClientData returns S_OK) whereas it works...
  3. E

    Exclude default ground textures in MSFS SDK?

    Greetings everyone, This is my first posting here. I tried to find the answer but couldn't. Anyway, as the title says is there a way to exclude specific default ground textures in MSFS SDK? I'm pretty well versed in SDK. Im working on my 2nd airport and the default concrete ramp for this one...
  4. F

    SDK Problems using DA62 sample

    Hello everyone, I am trying to use the DA62 sample for one of my aircraft projects and I had a go at importing a custom model replacing the default DA62_INTERIOR_LOD00 and some of the other LODs but when I try to load the project into MSFS, I see the default cockpit. Does anyone know why this...
  5. O

    SHX File is Missing & New Objects are Ignored

    Hi, I've recently opened my long-term project, which used to work fine in past. But when I build package now, I do get error "SHX file is missing for shape file C:\MSFS SDK\Samples\New LKFR\PackageSources\scenery\LKFRSHP.shp" How can I get this "SHX" file? I have never needed it in past, the...
  6. B

    MSFS How to edit a BGL scenery

    Hello, so I was trying to edit a scenery in BGL format to remove a couple of buildings from it, but I don't know where to start. I don't have any XML file or anything from it. All I have are 3 BGL files, and a texture folder. Any advice will be appreciated ^^
  7. A

    Multi Object Per Texture

    Hi What i'm wondering is if anyone can help me with the process of creating a single texture which has multiple objects on it and how to access them in MSFS2020 I can physically create the file, the problem i have is how to we tell the sim that it needs to access only the parts of the file for...
  8. Viktoren69

    MSFS SDK Documentation not up to date? [Solved]

    With the last SDK I have found that the official documentation is a bit different from what you get into the editor. I can't find the way to add the Jetway to the Gates, and the options for the Generic Control Tower to have the procedural ones. As what is shown in the pictures does not match the...
  9. Luicid

    MSFS What could be added in the samples ?

    Hey guys, I was wondering, If you could add some samples project to the sdk-sample, what would you add?
  10. S

    Slow Dev Tools / SDK

    Good morning everyone, since the latest SU8 and SDK 0.17.0 I am experiencing really bad performance. Rebuilding my small airport Scenery takes now over 3 Minutes without changing anything on the scenery itself. Before the update to SU8 and SDK 0.17 it was around 30 seconds. Really anoying to...
  11. L

    MSFS Roughness Clamped Values

    Hi, Something I don't understand is the way how the MSFS Engine is dealing with the roughness. Looks like the roughness values are clamped. It is not a full range between 0-255. I presume it is related to PBR physical correct values and computation optimization (less data to compute if you use a...
  12. M

    Scenery polygon and apron not showing any material and not excluding anything

    Hey guys! I know this issue have been addressed already once in this forum https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/polygons-are-no-longer-working-correctly-msfs-2020-sdk-0-7.450077/ But since than we had a lot of updates and the SDK was working okish... But since today I have the problem that...
  13. K

    Editing a terraform area, is it possible ?

    Hey guys, Some third party airports come with a rather carelessly designed terraform area that breaks the photogrammetry coverage around the airport turning it into 2D map data only. Is there any way to disable or at least edit such terraform area borders on SDK or perhaps on ADE ? Thanks for...
  14. K

    Light showing through Blender models

    Hello, Still very new to this and I have been having trouble with light going through my custom Blender models. I have attached screenshots for reference. Also, I will quickly outline how I apply textures before I export. I presume I am doing this bit wrong: 1. After model is done I click new...
  15. peacefarm

    MSFS Disabling Shadows

    I'm trying to disable shadows on a object by unchecking "Cast shadow" in the properties, but the shadows remain. Is this a known issue? Anyone know of a way to bypass the SDK option and it through Blender or elsewhere? Thanks!
  16. Luicid

    MSFS [CLOSED] Airport Services - GA_MEDIUM Has no small pushback available

    Hello, I created a AirportServices asset in my Airport and I see it in the layout.json so it is reconized. However, when I spawn at a RAMP_GA_MEDIUM, I see no small pushback available (ATC tell me no one is available), even if I have filled the services.xml to do so What did I do wrong ...
  17. R

    MSFS fspackagetool no longer displays console when building package since SU6

    Has anybody else experienced this? I use the fspackagetool a lot to build packages and check for console errors before building or launching in MSFS It appears that this tool has not been updated since 14th January 2021 and whilst it does its job of building packages it no longer shows the...
  18. Fernando Angel G

    (DevMod) After today´s update no "OK popup" When saving project (Solved)

    Hello dear fellows, maybe is me but since todays update (work in Dev Mod) and when i save my project i dont see or getting the "OK" (mean, project saved correctly). (DevMod) After today´s update no "OK popup" When "Build package" or saving project. Someone else?, tks in advenace. Note: When...
  19. K

    MSFS MSFS hangs on loading after adding airport made with SDK

    Hello, so I have made an airport using the SDK. In doing that I held on to the steps by Youtube user "Stream Gamerz" in his video "Create simple airport MSFS 2020" using the SDK sample for the simple airport. I did not delete any of the files inside the Sample folder structure. Here is what I...
  20. W

    New Update sdk folder help and issues encountered

    I am fairly knew to the SDK. I originally found tutorials online on Youtube that explained the step by step process of creating and/or modifying airports. I followed them and was able to create a few modifications to my home airport KILG along with W95 that is located in Outer Banks. These...