1. R

    Does managed simconnect support tagged data retrieval?

    I saw a really old post that said that beatle hadn't implemented it yet, but maybe things have changed. If it is supported, can anybody point me to a simple code example? I know how to do it in C++, but I'm not really good with C# / data marshalling. I basically need help with code like this...
  2. Milos Milutinovic

    SimConnect from beginning

    Hello guys... I have idea to create some external app which will communicate with P3D using SimConnect and change variable values, however... I'm tired of trying to run samples which comes with P3D v4 sdk witch are not working. So many error messages when trying to build a project... So, please...
  3. sniperfull

    C# WPF SimConnect proper way of receiving simulator information.

    Hello, I've been looking at requesting data about the simulator like specific version of the simulator. I have been looking into the SDK Documentation but maybe i just haven't looked into this properly but i couldn't find a way to request this data. I looked into the Simulation Variables, to...
  4. I

    How to get information like number of passengers boarding?

    Hey guys, i would like to ask, how do we get the number of passengers boarding. I would like to get the number of passengers who board my plane like for example stated using GSX. I am planning to develop a small fspassenger type just for myself. Do i need to use FSUIPC or Simconnect?
  5. D

    FSXA How to Read AI Aircraft List of Waypoints?

    Hello again everyone, I want to read the list of waypoints that an AI aircraft is currently following. The "AI WAYPOINT LIST" seems to be what I want but I don't understand how to extract information from it using managed C#. I have a definition with a bunch of other variable that work, only...
  6. D

    FSXA Controlling AI Aircraft

    Hello everyone, I'm using Simconnect to inject faults in AI aircraft. Through events I'm able of toggling some faults like engine and brakes, but most of them are not available, at least according to the Documentation. Now I want to inject control surface failures nad tried using all the events...

    P3D v4 Set Weather | Radius problem

    Hello i set the weather at small airports with set mode custom and it works great if i select KSFO as airport the radius becomes horrible when you approach you have a clear sky, but once you arrive, there is rain :/ i set the mode to gloabl() but the weather won't be set correctly as it changes...

    P3D v4 Floating window over P3D

    Hello all you have all seen ACARS made by IVAO or vatsim or others they are like a window opened in P3D and it's not a gauge for a special aircraft any ideas how to do it ? i use C# and simconnect ( i can Use C++ if needed ) thnx in advance

    P3D v4 Unable to get nearest weather station observation

    Hello all i used the simconnect fonction : simconnect.WeatherRequestObservationAtNearestStation(Request.NearestStation, (float)Aircraft.latitude, (float)Aircraft.longitude); but it returns an exception : 15 which is unable to get observation hope you help me thnx in advance
  10. RED COOL

    P3D v4 My Weather Engine ( free )

    Hello i made a simple weather engine that convert weather data to P3D weather themes and apply them in real time the weather engine is not yet stable and i just made it for fun i may continu the development in the weekends if someone needs it i'll share it here cheers Redouane :)
  11. RED COOL

    P3D v4 Simconnect Event catcher problem | Custom EVENTs | PDK DLL problem

    Hello all 1) in my simconnect programme i wanted to send an event and catch it in the sim i tried sending a full throttle event to The User aircraft, and it worked how i catch : i use a text message that appears when the sim recive the event 2) now i want to send events but to custm simobjects (...
  12. RED COOL

    P3D v4 How to calculate the front wheel coordinates ?

    Hello i want to get the coordinates of my front wheels ( aircraft ) using the simconnect and the p3d sdk, i know that we can get the center coordinates and i do it already. i need to calculate the front wheel coordinates only ( maybe with the aircraft.cfg entries ...) for my addon hope you help...
  13. RED COOL

    P3D v4 DLL addons logic ?

    Hello i made some addons with the simconnect api, only EXE addons i saw that some people use DLLs and i just wanted to know the DLL logic in P3D and is it just for C++ how will P3D know which class to run and will he run it for ever ? is there any way that the DLL be built in C# ? in the SDK...
  14. J

    SimConnect functions error "too many arguments" and 737NGX does not respond to Data Change Events

    Hello Simmers and Developers. After 2 years im now back in the flight simulation world. And I try now to build my own "small" homecockpit for my favourite aircraft the PMDG 737NGX. After searching for SDK for the NGX i found out really fast that the PMDG delivers SDK. So I downloaded Visual...
  15. RED COOL

    C# Error after compile / Simconnect

    Hello i made a simple test app that request speed alt hdg and ptitch of the user with the simconnect "C#" P3D v4 i compile without error but once i lunch it i get this (image attached) in the pic i use the debug mode to let you see the LOG any ideas thnx in advance :)
  16. G

    P3D v4 Can't get MapClientEventToSimEvent to work for engine failure

    Hi! Im trying to get information to my application when a failure occures. This is my code: Enums: enum EVENTS { PAUSE_ON, PAUSE_OFF, TOGGLE_VACUUM_FAILURE, TOGGLE_ELECTRICAL_FAILURE, TOGGLE_PITOT_BLOCKAGE...
  17. K


    When I get an SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_CREATE_OBJECT_FAILED exception, is there any direct way to get the object id of the failed object (or the request id)? The only way I have found is via the send id.
  18. K

    P3D v3 Wheels turn for on ground AI aircraft not moving

    If I place my AI aircraft on ground, gear down, on ground flag set, I see sometimes the wheels turning even though the plane is not moving. Sometimes this is not happening (steady wheels). However, since there is not SimConnect parameter (AFAIK) to switch on/off turning wheel, I wonder what the...
  19. Vitus

    FSX:SE Direct engine parameter manipulation through simConnect

    Hello again, I am currently working on the part of my dll file that will set the engine parameters for my aircraft. I set up a structure to hold all relevant engine variables that have the "settable" tag. E.g. "RECIP ENG MANIFOLD PRESSURE:1", "GENERAL ENG OIL PRESSURE:1", etc. etc. In my...
  20. sniperfull

    P3D v4 Simconnect Data Requests.

    Hi, ive been trying to get altitude from the simulator using data requests. I've been following the SDK example and SDK documentation but ran into a problem. My results are not the same in WPF as it is in a WinForms example. Here is my data request code: The problem i'm having it that my result...