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  1. =Hollywood=

    MSFS Building my first C sharp Simconnect Module (The Journey) using ChatGPT

    Okay for years I have developing my own code to bring in fire location data and someone years ago wrote a nice module for it for me, it was a freeware project, but it pulled up an interface module which I was really hoping to have it work as a part of the simconnect system without the interface...
  2. A

    How can I spawn in an object in relation to my aircraft?

    Hi there, I’m a scenery developer and I’m very new to development in this field. I’m trying to spawn in a stationary object a few meters away from my aircraft (e.g a bus), which is toggled by some externel app, or in-sim. I’d really appreciate if someone could help me get started. Thank you.
  3. J

    MSFS Unable to read ClientData at PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL stage

    Hi! I want to notify a third party the plane is unloading. I'm doing so setting the data via SetClientData at the stage PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL stage prior to the SimConnect handle is closed. However, the third party does not "see" the new data (SetClientData returns S_OK) whereas it works...
  4. J

    MSFS Unable to read ClientData at PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL stage

    Hi! I want to notify a third party the plane is unloading. I'm doing so setting the data via SetClientData at the stage PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_KILL stage prior to the SimConnect handle is closed. However, the third party does not "see" the new data (SetClientData returns S_OK) whereas it works...

    [SOLVED]Getting Nose wheel position

    Hello guys back in P3D days I've worked on an Addons that used nose wheel position in order to calculate some distances, my method to get this position was to request attachpoint world position of a taxi light effect used by the aircraft developer this method used to work very well. Now, I'm...
  6. Simon_2002

    MSFS MSFS 2020 C# SimConnect decreas of the showen Character

    Hello, I put together a small test plugin for MSFS 2020 in C#. Now it shows me a number with far too many decimal places for the defined variable of the height of the aircraft. How can I eliminate these decimal places? I would also like to create an if function that, at a flight altitude of...
  7. F

    MSFS Difference between LVAR, HVAR and SimVar

    Hi there! Pretty straightforward question, but can someone please explain the difference between all these types of variables, specially between LVAR and SimVar? I'm familiarized on using SimConnect with SimVars that are documented on the SDK, but I also see a lot of people mentioning LVARs...
  8. X

    dwDefineCount always increasing in simconnect

    Dear all, I've been having a problem with the sim frame rate slowly decreasing over the course of 45 mins or so and have been trying to figure it out. Visual Studio says the CPU is executing external code and using trial and error (and disabling bits until it works properly) I've found that...
  9. F

    MSFS Issues retrieving CDU text from PMDG 737-NG3 using SimConnect

    Hey everyone! A couple of years ago I've assembled an Arduino with a TFT display that shows the CDU text from PMDG's 737-NGX for P3D. I recently bought the NG3 for MSFS and was porting my code to the MSFS SimConnect, but I'm having some issues retrieving the CDU display data. I can send the...
  10. RED COOL

    MSFS WASM module | Render texture on simobject

    Hello I read that WASM modules allow aircraft developers to render some gauges using the low API functions provided by the wasm integration with MSFS, this module should be loaded through a reference in the Panel.cfg file as the documentation says. My question is: can we use those WASM Render...
  11. RED COOL

    MSFS Add-ons' interfaces withing MSFS

    Hello The way we used to be able to give the end user a control over simconnect add-ons during FSX/p3d era used to be through menus. We had drop down menus as well as multi-pages "ATC" menus that can be used to control or to monitor the process of certain add-ons using simconnect. I haven't seen...
  12. T

    MSFS How to send this LVAR?

    Hi, i would like to send this LVAR (>L:SWS_LIGHTING_Switch_Light_Landing, Enum) to Simconnect which should turn off the Landing Lights of the Simworks Studios Kodiak Quest 100, however even after extensive search i just did not make any progress so far. When i google for "WASM" or "sending...
  13. Paddy211185

    MSFS How to set COM_STBY_RADIO_SET (TCalc_004)

    Hello I have downloaded the simconnect TCalc_004 example and am trying in vain to change the standby frequency. Can anyone help me? Thats my code: my_simconnect.MapClientEventToSimEvent((Enum)Form1.EVENTS.KEY_COM1SBset, "COM_STBY_RADIO_SET")...
  14. K

    How to debug a DLL in P3D V4?

    Hi all I got some code a few months back to interface my self-made hardware with p3d. It is written in c++ and creates a DLL. I have added a few more buttons and switches and they all work except for one. The person which created this is no longer reachable unfortunately. I do have some basic c...
  15. Bert Laverman

    January 2022 update for CsSimConnect

    Been silent for a while, but here is the update on what was happening: https://cssimconnect.wordpress.com/2022/01/30/january-2022-update-events-and-data-flying-around/ Cheers, Bert
  16. K

    [Help] Simconnect development in VB6

    HI everybody. I've done an appli in VB6 which works perfectly using "SimConnect_GetNextDispatch" and "SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType" in a polling mode, BUT when I launch the app before FS2020, I notice important delay between orders I sent (eg.Parking_Break) and the data in return (not...
  17. N

    MSFS MSFS A320neo MCDU

    I've been trying to find a way to remotely press the MCDU buttons, without success. Is there a way to remotely press the MCDU buttons using the MSFS SDK / SimConnect?
  18. W

    P3D v5 How to use SimConnect to create custom variables in Prepar3D v5?

    Hello, I am making a conceptual airplane model, which uses a lot of animation. I want to use custom variables to control them. Can it be achieved through SimConnect API?
  19. W

    P3D v5 I can't set value to PROP ROTATION ANGLE variable...

    Hello, I am adding a propeller rotation animation to a self-made helicopter model. I have linked the animation frame to the PROP ROTATION ANGLE variable. I want to control the propeller animation through the variable value of PROP ROTATION ANGLE. I use the SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject function...
  20. RED COOL

    MSFS Custom variables

    Hello Is it possible to create custom variables accessible by simconnect app that would be used to control scenery objects ? Msfs docs don't really mention this topic Regards.