1. Leo2789

    FS2004 Editing or creating Seasons BGL file for a certain area of the globe?

    Hello, I have an addon scenery for the area of a whole country (Portugal) that came with its own 'local' seasons bgl file, mainly to add snow to the highest mountains in winter, which was lacking per the default seasons.bgl from FS2004. Despite this, I'm still not entirely satisfied with the...
  2. Steven Beeckman

    Spikes when generating custom elevation BGL from QGIS

    Hello, I'm building a cityscape for Antwerp, Belgium for P3D. I've been reading this forum for quite some time now and I want to thank you all for posting and answering a lot of questions over the years! For some reason I wanted to get a realistic elevation as well so I set out to find a DEM...
  3. Md Alavi

    Paved Drainage System

    Hi guys I want to create this drainage system in prepar3d v4 Do anyone knows how to sculpt the mesh like this What software do I need to use?
  4. J

    Help with terrain

    Am currently modifying WBMU(Mulu) for P3DV4. The stock bgl is giving airport elevation of 1200feet which is not accurate in real life. I have adjust the elevation to 87.68feet as per charts. I drew the polygon over the terminal etc and flatten mask class map and exclude autogen. It seems to work...
  5. K

    P3D v4 Terrain Slope Flatten Poly

    Hey, Been using ADE for quite some time and it's a fantastic tool to create/improve airports in the sim but I've run into a small issue that I am fairly certain is due to my own mistake somewhere. Nevertheless, I've searched through the forum here and looked up the FAQ which did help to an...
  6. JetMan-&-the-gay-noobs

    FS2004 Help fixing terrain

    I've installed fs2004 from an old computer by transfering the files, and everythingseems to run well... until i find out that many places of terrain in the world are damaged, all polynesia, Chile, South Argentina, Peru, South Ecuador, Brazil (all) are damaged or ... i dont know, if i am way too...
  7. Albi

    How to edit terrain?

    I want to edit a terrain region in FSX, its a tabletop airport and I want to have slopes. Default airport is totally flat. I tried elevation and flattening but it makes it to look like a step, not a slanted slope.
  8. Aidas Patas

    P3D v4 Scenery problems...

    Um. i dont know if its the right place to post but i get this stupid error when trying to put my poligon (not the first time error) fsx seems to compile the area ok, but the whole scenery is not for fsx, its for p3d, so here is the problem (i tried making flattens doesnt work :/) Zoomed out...
  9. A

    P3D v3 Flying Runway

    Hello Dear Community ! My runway seems to be flying as there is some mesh issue around the airport i am currently working on, Which is (HKKI, Kenya) I have tried to flatten the Area with ADE. And its not Working. I have also Tried to disable ORBX which has not brought success either. Any help...
  10. A

    P3D v3 Resample Problem

    Hello Dear Community I'm currently working on HKKI (Kisumu,Kenya). It's my first project. At the Moment i'm a bit stuck. When i try to Compile my Blendmask (BMP) and my photoreal background with alpha channel for water (BMP) it's only compiling one of them. resample.exe gives me following error...
  11. Mouhcine

    Agadir City FSX/P3D PerfectSoft

    Agadir is progressing ! A few shots of harbor of Agadir under development . There are some day and night renders . Autogen will come soon . Pictures show work in progress, not the final product ... FSX/P3D Payware project . Check our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/PerfectSoftSim/
  12. 4YouToFly

    Terrain doesn't match Photoreal

    Hey Guys, I'm making a photoreal for Dauphin Island, but after placing the Blendmask, the terrain is not matching with the aerial image. How can I solve it? Thanks a lot!
  13. 4YouToFly

    Aerial Image Problem - Black Edges WGS84

    Hey guys! I'm trying to make a Photoreal scenery. As I've got the aerial images from USGS TNM I used the Resample Tool, converting the JPG2000 to WGS84 projection, but in the Simulator there is those black areas from the image after the reprojecting it. How can I fix it!? Thank you and...
  14. David Kings

    FSX Ground polygon layers order

    hi everyone I am making a GP but I have a terrain issue. I made a GP and converted it with MCX using ground polygon wizard and set the altitude to 250 meters then I used ADE to modify and edit some taxiways of my airport and set the airport altitude to 249.50 meters, then made a flat terrain...
  15. E

    P3D v3 Terrain not flattening

    Hi there, I have been having some trouble with ADE lately when I have been trying to make a scenery for Ponta Delgada, Azores. The fsx/p3d default is very inaccurate, as there are missing taxiways which I have added. However, huge mounds where the terrain was supposed to be appear between the...