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  1. A

    MSFS XML Event Trigger

    Hello, I'm stuck and cannot get an event to trigger. I have a drone with multiple engines and want the drone to go into a sort of safe mode if one engine fails, safe mode being a hover at first. This is the code I tried and nothing happens when engine 1's RPM falls below 100 RPM: <!--...
  2. Socorrista22198

    MSFS Write random value 0 or 1 in xml

    Greetings, I've modded an aircraft to be AI stationary version and works fine. But now I would like the aircraft sometimes spawns with the main door open, and sometimes closed, randomly. The animation that control it in the original version aircraft is: <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Anim_Code"...
  3. Krisz707

    P3D v5 p3d specific XML syntax check in notepad++..?

    Hi Guys. hope im asking at the right place. so my general question, did anybody do a wordlist or [user defined language] for notepad++ so it would light up the all types of Variables and maybe other important syntax elements for a specific P3D version? is this possible anyway? or is it...
  4. M

    Help with animation driven with XML or WASM

    Hello folks, I've got a decent amount of work for porting over helicopters. If one of you guys can help with the animation, this would be long-term relationship for more than years. They are all about steam gauge easy animations. Please let me know if you can help. I would like to get senior...
  5. Rotornut44

    MSFS Set LVar value to 1 without update code?

    This is a duplicate of my thread on the DevSupport Forums. Posting here to try to reach more people who might know an answer to this... Is there a way that I can set a LocalVar to a value of 1 without relying on update code in the XML? I need to pass a 1 for an LVar in my scenery simobject...

    MSFS MSFS Visibility conditions

    Hello I'm trying to implement visibility conditions into my simobjects I've tried many codes with many structures (old p3d/fsx partinfo sections and new behavior/component sections) but nothing seems to work I've read a topic showcasing the code structure but still no result here is my test...
  7. B

    MSFS How to edit a BGL scenery

    Hello, so I was trying to edit a scenery in BGL format to remove a couple of buildings from it, but I don't know where to start. I don't have any XML file or anything from it. All I have are 3 BGL files, and a texture folder. Any advice will be appreciated ^^
  8. D

    problem with xml object placement orientation (pitch,bank,heading)

    Hi, I want to transfer a scene from blender, but with each object having its unique placement in the xml file with a script i wrote. I'm getting a correct location of the objects , but the orientation is messed up. It seems that the degrees (euler xyz or anyother yxz,zxy etc) in blender are...
  9. E

    P3D v5 [Solved] Assign a variable to the initial page

    Hi everyone! I'm new in this forum and new to the development of gauges so I need an help. I'm making an EFB in XML (Code below) for a plane I'm modifying and I wanted to show a menu on the top left corner that changes depending on the page. I was able to get the first 2 pages with the menu...
  10. Photosbykev

    Services.xml file and removing all ground services from one airport

    Hi folks, I spend a lot of time developing bush strip sceneries and when I place a couple of parking spot Ramp-GA small I'm getting all the ground services appearing on adjacent spots, like pushback, marshallers, fuel and service trucks. In remote strips this breaks any sort of immersion. I...
  11. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Animations and Conditions

    Hi! At this point I would like to share my experiences about animations that can be controlled by conditions. This should only be the beginning, the hope is that many new and good ideas will emerge from it :) Let's take a hunter's hide as an example. The hunter's hide has two animations...
  12. tml

    MSFS ModelBehaviorDefs parameters with the Process attribute: evaluate at load-time or run-time?

    I had assumed that when a parameter declaration has the Process attribute, that means that the parameter value (the text inside the element) is a RPN expression, typically containing references to other parameters like #FOO#, to evaluate, to get the parameter's value. As in this example in the...
  13. L

    Frequency changing with legacy key events doesn’t work in MSFS

    I wrote the following code in the model.xml for a knob to change the adf frequency: <Animation name="li2adf1m" guid="1e165643-8f45-4212-76d7-ace13e4fb81c" type="Sim" typeParam="AutoPlay" typeParam2="li2adf1m" length="360"/> <PartInfo> <Name>li2adf1m</Name> <Animation> <Parameter> <Code>...
  14. Hans Humblet

    Dual bus avionics - How??

    Is there anyone who can help me with an issue I have with multiple Avionics circuits? I have 2 separate avionics circuits which can be activated with 2 separate switches. I have my model set-up (different node id's for the switches and different animation names - triple checked this). I...
  15. Z

    ambient object facing in the wrong direction

    Hey, I'm currently working on a small wind turbine together with SODE. Everything works as planned. However, it does not turn into the wind, but in the direction where the wind blows. How can I make the wind turbine turn into the wind? Thats my XML of the turbine: <SimObject Name="XXXX">...
  16. conver

    XML vector drawing

    Hello guys. I want to draw a vectors of forces acting on aircraft during flight on 2D gauge using xml which will be updated dynamically as intensity of vectors change. Question... how to draw horizontal line or rectangle which will go left or right from defined starting point ? For instance if I...
  17. M

    P3D v4 XML Keys: Detect axis mapping and trap

    Hello all, It's been a long time since I last posted in this forum, but I've been lurking around and soaking knowledge like a sponge. I'm designing a study level aircraft with TPE-331 engines (single shaft turboprop) and I've found through trial and error how I need to set my power and RPM...
  18. E

    FSX:SE XML gauge file locked

    Hello experts, I am sorry for such a basic question but I am surprised by what is happening with my FSX-SE. I am an absolute beginner regarding XML gauge coding (you probably know I like C++ much better), I wrote a very simple XML gauge that I integrated in a panel. I selected the aircraft in...
  19. Q

    About the dreaded Exception code: 0xc0000005

    I've been getting this error after the latest "patch", among many others (the control sensitivity is a disaster now) but I want to focus on the topic now. Foreword: since we are developers here, and I suppose that many have active developer background (not scenery/aircraft development, I mean...
  20. Mr.Mo

    MSFS Problems with ILS (SOLVED)

    Folks, I have a short question. Is it possible to modify a single ILS in the XML? I am getting problems with the stock runway ILS data for the 08. The 26 works perfect but the ILS antenna 08 is in real and within the Sim placed beside the runway, not at the end. So the plane lands wide away...