1 fs2004 texture not displaying properly in FSX (Transparency issue?)

Hi there. I am using a FS2004 addon airport that displays almost perfectly in FSX, All the textures in the texture folder for the airport are .bmp There is only a single issue of a texture that is not displaying properly, see attached. I was really hoping there is a way to modify or somehow convert it so it displays nice. The white/sky area above the hedge displays sky, which I assume should be transparent?

I am only learning very basic scenery stuff atm.

I have loaded it into DXTBMP and saved it as a DDS5 texture, but still get the same result. I cant upload the actual texture as its .bmp so the site dosn't allow the upload

Many thanks for any advice!


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Yes, the object needs to be converted to FSX format (as does the texture material) - this is always true of FS2004 objects that use such transparency effects. ModelConverterX can convert this - when converting the material that has this texture in the Material editor, choose and then Apply the "Set Default Transparent" choice.

I have a little bit of detail in this forum post:

Hi Tom. I have had a read of your converting a classic fs9 airport to FSX, Before I start anything, and my apologies for a noob question.

I was using AFX (although I have ADE as well) When I open the FS9BGL (in AFX) for the airport layout (The airport in question is David Maltbys excellent 1962 Manchester EGCC http://www.dmflightsim.co.uk/egcc.htm so I opened AF2_EGCC. If I go to the airport properties (in AFX) I have the option to re-save it as an FSX format airport. When I do that, it gets saved as AFX.EGCC. I delete the AF2.EGCC file. The airport loads again into FSX and appears no different (but the fence texture still shows as per above pic)

I think I am missing the big picture here tho, lol. Does this conversion mean that all the bgl's in that scenery folder under EGCC folder have been converted to FSX format, so only the textures need to be converted?

I'm sorry, its likely a dopey question from a noob :confused:

Sorry for the ramble....Thanks Chris

Edit: I also noticed that the fence texture is used as a standalone object, but is also attached to "the Pub" at the end of Rwy 24, so if I just delete the fence bgl and textures, all the hedge fences disappear apart from the ones around the pub, which now turn black, presumably because the fence BGL and textures have been deleted, It appears that there is no way to delete the hedge fences around the pub, but leave the iconic pub still standing


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Although the distinction between types of .bgl's has not been made clear in the linked post, Tom specifically referred to "MCX." There is an MCX procedure for object .bgl's, in that same post, which is what a fence is. You have followed the ADE procedure, which might be necessary anyway, but it will have no effect on the visibility of objects.


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We don't need to edit the airport (although that doesn't hurt), we need to edit the objects. BGL files that contain objects will usually be the largest BGL files in this scenery's folder.

In this case the file is called (logically) dm_egcc_lib.bgl. It's a library of objects used at this airport.

0. Make a backup of this file called dm_egcc_lib.bgl.orig
1. Import the original file into ModelConverterX (latest development version)
2. Use the left/right green arrows at the top left to move between objects. Object 011 is the green hedge.
3. Click on the Material Editor button.
4. Click on the fences material (the only one there)
5. From the drop down box at the top choose Set Default Transparent (this shouldn't be needed for the latest development versions of MCX, but it doesn't hurt)
6. Click Apply
7. Close the Material Editor with the red X
8. Choose Export Scenery (not Export Object!), choose type FSX BGL File, click on the dm_egcc_lib.bgl file and click OK. OK to overwrite (we made a backup).

Hope this helps,
Thankyou! so much both Tom and Rick. Was getting compiler errors, as I didn't have at least SP1a update, so fixed that. Where I was going wrong was that I hadn't noticed the green arrows, so was only seeing the fire station :oops: So happy. it now displays correctly as it would have in FS9 Thanks once again, Chris