2 Key Events / additional data

I've been trying to do two things with a gauge and so far haven't found where the items go or, how to arrange them properly. If anyone could lend a hand, I'd appreciate it.

Okay first, I'm using FSX. One thing I'm trying to do is make a mouse click area to open the cargo door / second exit. I got exit 1 to open but, the second one requires a second event: SELECT_2 to follow. I've been looking for examples to model but haven't found any yet.

Next, I'm working with the pushback tug and want to play with the TUG_HEADING and TUG_SPEED events but, where exactly do I put the values to alter them?

Specifically, I'm setting up "buttons" (mouseclicks) to handle preset pushback angles and also a start/stop function (So the tug will stop motion, announce "set parking brake" and then disengage rather than simply disconnecting and backing off right away).



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<Click>(&gt;K:TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT) (&gt;K:SELECT_1)</Click>

<Click>(&gt;K:TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT) (&gt;K:SELECT_2)</Click>

<Click>(&gt;K:TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT) (&gt;K:SELECT_3)</Click>

<Click>(&gt;K:TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT) (&gt;K:SELECT_4)</Click>
Thanks Bill! I'll give it a whirl. Also, I believe I found the proper format for setting values - it was right in the SDK for making gauges! Don't know how I missed it. :rolleyes: