FSX 22050 or 44100Hz and crackling sound


I need some help to understand a strange behaviour of FSXA. Let me explain.

I have for a while crackling sounds with and only with FSX. Only engine sounds crack. Above all, jets. Of course I tried all advises I found on Internet, but adding a sound blaster card. Nothing cures the issue.
However, I found out that starting FSX without opening another software or window avoid the issue.

44100 Hz sounds are terrific. So I recompile them into a 22050 Hz and 16PCM. It works by 95%.

BUT... and here is my question. Some sound then repeat themself 2, 3, 4 times... like door sounds, or gyro.
Lenght is the same as the original. Only 44100 => 22050 and 32bits => 16 bits PCM.

My question : why ? What should I change in sound.cfg to cure this particular issue ?

Thanks for advise.


Spec W7-64, FSXA


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Have you checked your windows sound settings? IIRC, having the output quality set to 48 kHz may lead to some problems.
Yes yes, I did. All tricks.

My question is eather about this strange behaviour : exit sound is ok in 44100 Hz, but repeat in 22050 Hz. Same sound, just converted!
Be mindful of dynamic range. If you're pumping a whole mix of maxed-out samples, things are going to clip and it ain't gonna be pretty. When you reduced the sample rate, you halved the Nyquist frequency and all of that high frequency noise that tends to make clipped guitars sound cool and clipped jet exhaust sound like vomit went away. Try turning the engine volume down in the FSX audio settings.

Bit rates above 16-bit are completely pointless in MSFS. You're not recording acoustic guitars and you don't need a noise floor that low.

Though the fact that it seems to be tied to whether or not other programs are running makes me wonder if the problem isn't something system-related. Maybe your audio device is malfunctioning or defective. I'm useless for diagnosing those kinds of issues, sorry.

All of the sounds you mentioned are set up with loop points. For the gyro, the looped portion is when it's spooled up and ready to go. For the doors, the looped portion is the silence between the handle being pulled and the door hitting the stop. When you changed the sample rate, you probably lost them. So the sounds will play over and over until whatever triggers them stops.
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Thanks Erick

Very usefull indications. I also have some doute about hardware or system problem. However youtube videos or any other sound but FSX' ones run well.