29Palms - Customizable Scenery Configurator - PRO

The PRO version of the Customizable Scenery Configurator allows use with a commercial project and comes with additional features compared to the freeware version which can be found here:

This program allows flight simulation developers to create a customizable scenery configurator based on their needs.

The basic concept is a program that activates and deactivates files by changing the file extension.

This makes it possible for the developer to provide different levels of detail and complexity which can be chosen by the end-user.

This concept makes it even possible to change the appearance of the scenery based on the season the user has selected. Season switching in the common flight simulators such as Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X or Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D is a complex topic since the BGL file format does not allow automatic season switching by default. This tool makes it possible for the user to switch seasons and much more, it is all up to your configuration!

Pro vs. Lite
  • Unlimited Option Groups
  • Unlimited Options
  • Additional Thumbnail
  • Reset To Defaults Button
  • Open Manual Button
  • Commercial Use Allowed



Resource contributor
Looks good, Lars! I don't mean to derail your thread, but I'd like to point out a few additional features of the scenery manager Brandon linked to (disclaimer for anyone who doesn't realize: I developed it).

Not only does my scenery manager (what Brandon linked to) support file switching, images, text, tooltips, and links (to any URI scheme -- local files, websites, or even Skype addresses work), but it also offers update checking and a web browser (if you want to provide news or other live product information). From dimensions of the window and banner to the colors of the tabs and text headers, nearly everything in the user interface is customizable (including, obviously, the content). Additionally, there are no limitations or premium features -- the software is the same whether it's for commercial or non-commercial use -- which also means you can try things out without paying a cent.
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