FS2004 2nd Winter Season ?

Hi Arno,

I think I saw some posts where you still modify Model Tweaker... About the only thing that prevents me from using this great tool on my models is the fact my project has a second Winter season after Hard Winter and before Spring... Hence all my ASM edits... I'm sure many locations use this 5th season... I know this is strictly an FS9 issue so I'm sure it's not high on the priority list - but - would it be possible to add a feature for that 2nd Winter into the texture dialogs to your "todo" list ?



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Hi Scott,

I haven't modified MDL Tweaker in years. Actually I don't even have Visual Basic installed on my PC anymore. So unfortunately I won't be able to make any changes.

Maybe in the future I will port the useful tweaks from MDL Tweaker into ModelConverterX.
Hi Arno,

Sorry - must have been an old post I read - it was pretty late last night when I finished up working on my project... No worries - thanks for the help and consideration... I think I have a plan for this... Take care...