FSX 33MO - Leaming Field Lighting Progress


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No crash I think can, in the Xtomdl command line, but no autogen supresion sound me as Fs2004 makemdl.
Reread the previous post, as from this it is clearly options set within ADE when using the Object Placement tool!

I found that with setup of object placement with ADE 01.51.4645.23940 (BETA) as below I have not flashing rectangles visible during bad weather.

1. No autogen supress - set
2. No crash detect - set


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I'd like to add something to the discussion.

Apart from the fact that there does not seem to be a solution for this fog problem, does anybody have transparency issues with clouds or autogen or any idea how to solve them?
In my scenery, the autogen is always rendered in front of my light beams, which looks very awkward.
A point to note: In P3DV2 by turning off fog in the ADE options the ground poly flashes bright again so for P3DV2 turn off "no fog".



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That "tip" really has nothing whatever to do with either Max or GMax. It is in reference to the use of Photoshop while creating/editing the lightmap texture to be used in the sim. The only connection with Max/GMax is the filename...

Note that in the image(s) below the lightsplash has already had the "sandstone" texturizer applied, so no gradient banding is seen. Before the process, the banding was very, very obvious... :eek:

Dear Bill:

Could you explain how did you created your light splash?
I use the Radial Gradient with Photoshop CS6, but it gives round light splashes.



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I use the Lighting tool in Photoshop and choose a spotlight to create the light splash. This gives me the long teardrop shape!

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