FSX 3d Landing and Taxi Lights


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[Lots of experimenting later]

My take on a universally usable light(splash) material.


Night 0.1 km (note the illuminated fence):

Night unlimited (note the gain in intensity and retained transparency):

Day unlimited (still kind of illumination capabilities):

And the most important of 'em all...

Day 0.1 km (note trees and fence illuminated and increased intensity):

Cons of the material:

- No more "true" illumination of other objects
- Less subtle
- Layers become more easily visible


+ One material fits all conditions
+ (Realistic) intensity changes depending on conditions
(+ Less dependancy on multiple layers for intensity changes)

Textures used:

- Diffuse: Light splash texture, alpha channel
- Spec map: Light splash texture, no alpha
- Self-illumination map: See spec map
- Fresnel ramp: 256*4 px; single color RGB 107, 107, 107

Material settings:

"Blinn Basic"
- Diffuse, Specular color: RGB 32, 32, 32 each

- See "Textures used" above

"Fresnel Ramp"
- See above for texture
- "Specular" box ticked

"Special Functionality"
- Reflection Scale: 0
- Specular Map Power Scale: 256

- Allow Bloom: Ticked

"Framebuffer Blend"
- Source Blend: SrcAlpha <- Crucial!
- Destination Blend: One <- Crucial!

"Emissive Properties"
- Emissive Mode: AdditiveNightOnly

"Final Alpha Blend"
- Set Final Alpha Value At Render Time: Ticked
- Final Alpha Multiply: 0.2 <- Control light intensity with this slider!

"Enhanced Parameters"
- No Shadow: Ticked
- Skinned Mesh: Ticked <- Only if used on scalable, boned light polygons
- Double Sided: Ticked <- Optional, can make for a "blinding" effect if camera is close to the ground and looking at the light source
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If I needed the lighting stuff right now, I'd say something like:

Bjoern, I was looking for this for ages! You are awesome man!
I don't (atm.), therefore I just say: Thanks a lot for sharing another valuable information! :)
Very impressive -- some of the best Landing light "lights" I have seen.

Well done ....

If this something that can be added to existing aircraft, by non-programmer owners of existing aircraft ?