3d modeller for one simple terminal to finish project. Further cooperation possible. Paid work.

Hello. Sorry I reply so late. I have an airport LZTT Tatry almost done. I`m looking for somebody to make one terminal with option for further cooperation. This airport won`t be so attractive for customers so I consider wheather make it freeware for own commercial or payware. I thing this terminal won`t take more then few hours to make and finish whole airport. Another airport will be Gran Canaria that would be much more attractive. I have whole island done and afcad. I can send all info and photos of this terminal at LZTT. I don`t know if you work on Sketchup or GMAX,3DS. I can also help in your project if you have any.
This is old terminal made by Tibio that I`m about to remodel and adapt to it`s present look according to his agreement especially texturing . What I would like is to make new terminal from the scratch( photos above ) that is standing next to this. I was considering to make old one too but it looks well enough.
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looks great ! I couldn`t find anyone to cooperate so decided to try myself. Do you know scenProc and SODE or you are using X-Plane tools ? This is what I did for about 7h