3D Street Lamp

Hey there.

I saw that dynamic lights impact the fps so hard, so I decided to work on regular way for splash lights.

Any more experienced members here to explain me, how to correctly, set a spot light in 3ds max and render to texture that to get the light effect on the ortophoto?

I did the spotlight with the lamp as source so when I try to Render To Texture that, I get very bad quality in photoshop over the ortophoto.Any suggestions?

Thank you everyone, have a great day.
Hey there, actually, my brain stopped working at 6am and I tried to make something, but nothing happened.

I forgot that the LM map I should apply it in MCX as night map texture, not in photoshop, so I get a high resolution street lights :)

@arno you can close this one :) Thank you!

Happy Easter!
You can make a texture act "dynamic" - anything under it will illuminate properly - even if it was animated.

A bit of a special one but here goes:
1) Create a diffuse texture that will have your spotlights - background should be black
2) Create a dark grey fresnal - 256/4 should do
3) Duplicate diffuse texture and apply a "_Spec" suffix

Material Properties:

This as it is will work in FSX
To get the same effect in P3D you have to add an empty LOD.