3DS model problems when importing from Sketchup

Hi everyone,

After a long time without even having motivation to work on any project, I returned modelling, and I started learning Sketchup. I have found it very easy and, indeed, I like how it works. Even though it's easy for modelling it's not as fiendly for unwrapping (and yes, I know it's possible with 3rd party plugins), so I though that I would be easy to export the model to 3D Studio to continue on this process.

The problem I am facing in now is that when I open the model in 3D Studio, it always creates overlaping vertex, edges and faces, all visible usin the xView feature. I tried to prevent this as much as possible with various file formats (.fbx, .3ds, .dae, .skp...). I have also tried to weld those vertex/edges as they are in the same exact position, but they do not weld.

Is there any tip to prevent this?

Thank you so much,

I would first use thomthom's CleanUp plugin on a Sketchup 3D model before exporting to a 3D file format intended to be imported into 3D Studio Max (aka "3DSMAX").


There are other plugins which can assist with identifying issues with 3D model geometry as well; I can post that info here if you are interested. :)

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