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after using gmax for years, I switched to 3dsmax 2012. Now, is it possible like with Gmax, to export on selected parts and not the full model?
Hello Ukmil

I am Max 2010 user and as far as I know, yes you can. Not many formats to choose, but certainly you can export every bit of your model.

I am doing an educated guess on what you need. If you are having troubles with a complex model; perhaps you might want to export what you need into another 3ds max scene and then use your workflow to export into the sim.

What's your real problem mate?

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In GMAX, there is a menu option File/Export Selected. This exports only the parts you have currently selected. This is in addition to the menu option File/Export, which exports the entire model. I assume he is looking for something similar?
indeed I am, but there is no option from what I can see to export FSX/P3d models using the selected parts method


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If you select only the parts you want to export, the option magically appears on the File menu. ;) Max 2008 works that way, anyway.
This is the way that You Export Your Exterior and Interior Model for VC, Export Selected ! - Johnman :cool:


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but in 3ds max, exporting for FSX, you do not use the FILE menu, I use the ACES TOOLS menu
Do not use the ACES TOOLS menu for exporting. It has never worked properly/reliably.

Instead, select the parts you wish, then use the "Max Icon" in the upper left toolbar, then Export/Export Selected to generate the .x and .xanim files.

Or MAX Icon/Save As/Save Selected if you wish a partial .max file.


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...but not if you wish to only Export Selected objects! I use this frequently to save time by only exporting the objects I'm currently working with. :twocents:

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Listen to Fr. Bill, you can't go wrong.

This is the setup I use.
When starting a new project after your first save of the Max file, it doesn't have to be much work, it could be just your backdrop reference material setup.
Open the Aces Tools LOD and Export Tool
Open the File Properties and the Export dropdown menus.
In the File Properties, Create the GUID
Give it a Friendly: Name, then in the Export Tools menu click Export this Max file!
This will create an .X file and place it in the root folder of your project folder provided you set one up. Leave it there.
At this point you can forget all about it.

From this point on you can export your model using Max's file menu. You can use Export/Export or Export/Export Selected
Save as type EXP 1.0 .X file, I usually create an (export) folder in the project folder where I save the .X and the accompanying .xanim and placement.XML