P3D v4 A bug or am I the lucky ONE person with this issue *Moving Background Image*

Let me start this with a bit of background. I have been working on my KCVG airport for some time now. One of the reasons it is taking so long is that I have had to REALIGN my runways, tarmacs, roads, etc many times. I kept thinking that when ADE would crash or my system reboot because of P3Dv4 (which several times has completely corrupted my airport work files in ADE...) that maybe I had simply forgotten to save my work. Yes, autosave is on, but when these crashes happen most of the time I get the message when I start ADE that the autosave file is corrupted and when I try to load the SAVED airport file that it contains no airport. Thus, I go through and painstakingly realign every object, road, etc.. Last night after about an hour of doing this, I then went to work on some new things, finally. After an hour of new work I wanted to test something in the FS. I saved, as I ALWAYS do, THEN compiled. I launched P3Dv4 and was just able to see my new work when as usual it shut down (rebooted) my entire computer instantly.

I launched ADE and loaded the saved version of the airport. It was fine, except that everything had MOVED again. When I say moved I mean nothing is aligned properly with the background image. Thus, the reason for this post. Why is ADE moving or adjusting either the layers above the background image or the background image itself. And as I wrote, this isn't a once thing...this is ALL THE TIME!!!! I was so pissed off I simply stopped all my work and shut off the program for the night.

So, before I bother spending another hour or so moving everything yet again does anyone have any clue as to why this is happening and how I can stop it?? And YES, my background image is LOCKED. As are my runways, objects, and anything else I can lock. Thus, making the realigning that much more of a pain in the ass.... I have to UNLOCK everything to move it. And NO, just moving the background image doesn't fix the issue. I tried this option last night. It almost seems as though it not only moves a bit, but changes shape. If I move it so that the roads, and objects and runway 36L all light up properly and then I jump all the way over to 36R things on that side are still not lined up. And the runways always seem to be at different angles. So not only then do I have to change the degree of all 4 runways, I then have to redo the underlying pavement which is NOT just a rectangle but contains many indents and such. If needed, I could take a video of all this and put it up... But hoping that someone will read this quickly that knows the reason and or fix...