FSXA A couple of questions

I'm still working on that Jamaican - Cayman scenery. I am attempting to redo the coastlines with this tool. I have never used it before.
1- Can I make a hole in a hole polygon?
2- How do you stop GE from rolling over and over?
3- What would keep a holepoly from working? 748 vertices?

Don't know about the rolling GE but you will have to play with the arrows while you make the polygon.

First you have to make a polygon (I do all of them clockwise) that is just big enough to cover the area you will be modifying. Tag this polygon in FSX KML as an Exclude, one of those with a lot of attributes depending on what you want to exclude. At the minimum you will need this polygon with Exclude Hydro Polygons.

Then for each of your islands make the contour polygons right on their coast. Tag them with Polygon Hole. I don't know if you can just have a bunch following the Hydro Exclude or what.