A fix for 5-minute AI timeout limit for FSX SP2 (finally)

Hi all,

My first post; I usually just look around and download stuff, but have found something worth sharing -- a fix for disappearing AI aircraft when they remain stationary for more than 5 minutes. AITP-X has already been released, and that's good for FSX SP1, but not SP2, as many will know.

This fix brings the AI timeout up to around 15-17 minutes for FSX SP2, something which many of us have been looking for for a long time. I haven't tested this with Acceleration, but a user over at Avsim (adr179) has reponded to my thread there and has got it to work for Acceleration.

I didn't create this -- the folks at FriendlyFlusi.at (specifically GunnarMD) have already done it, but it's not available anywhere else that I could find, so I've merely interpreted the slightly-difficult Google-translated German to English and tested it on my setup.

The Google-translated original is here: http://translate.google.co.nz/trans...ndlyflusi&hl=en&biw=1600&bih=788&prmd=imvnsfd

But Google Translate does not create perfect English from German, yet!

So here we go.

1) Back up your AIPlayer.dll (very important).
2) Go on the internet to http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~prewett/hexedit/
3) Download Hex Edit, which can run from your desktop, and is entirely self-contained.
4) Open it; it will immediately bring up an Open dialogue box. Navigate to your AIPlayer.dll (in the main FSX folder), having remembered to create a backup of it!
5) When you open the .dll with Hex Edit, you'll see three columns. Incidentally, make sure that the View option (under the View menu) is set as "hex".
6) Using the scroll bar on the right, navigate down until you reach row 11b0 (as found in the narrow column on the far left).
7) Go along the row until you see the value "72".
8) Change that value (by selecting it and then overwriting) to "8f". DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE.
9) Save As "AIPlayer.dll" and overwrite the original if prompted (obviously depends on where you want to save it). Don't overwrite your backup by mistake, and make sure that your edited copy makes it to the FSX root folder one way or another.
10) Start FSX and you'll now have AI waiting times of around 15-17 minutes before they disappear.

But be aware that your airports will still need good 'plumbing', and that you may occasionaly get stuck behind an aircraft for quarter of an hour! You may also have very large queues that make you regret increasing the timeout :) It's also possible that there may be other values that work -- for example, providing 10 minutes before disappearance. But I haven't researched those yet.


Nangua (南瓜)

PS. Naturally, I can not be held responsible for any damage (real or perceived) to your FSX (or wider) setup. Back up your AIPlayer.dll in a safe place, and you should be fine. If you don't like the results with the modified .dll, put your backup AIPlayer.dll back, and things will return to normal. Hex Edit, as downloaded from http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~prewett/hexedit/, contains no malware, as tested by Avast! and MalwareBytes on 29 February 2012.

Hi Nangua,

I tried this and also aitp-x. aitp-x crashed the sim (no matter what time i set) and the hexedit doesn't show a number "72". Could you tell me what position in the row it is? I actually want to change the time to 10 minutes instead of 17 but i'll take what i can get. Anything is better than 5 minutes. I'm running the sim on an MSi GT 780DX (i7 2670QM CPU, Nvidoa GTX 570M GPU 12GB RAM w/1.5GB video RAM)


FSDevConf team
In case you don't get a response, check the AVSIM FSX forum for a thread similar to this one with more responses that clear up some issues with the technique.

It works great, BTW