A Future Option?

Something I'd like to see included at some point is the option to "Hide" Ramp poly's in order to see the underlying satellite imagery without having to move the ramp segments and then realign everything when you're done with placement of buildings/hangars/objects. Scenery BuilderX has an optional slider that allows you to adjust transparency of a poly and even that would be handy but maybe just the option to hide would be fine. Just a thought.
Falcon, I have pro key so this might be a pro key feature. Select the apron polygon then right click on it. Select hide object from the drop down menu. Use the D key to temporarily show all hidden objects. Under the View menu the last item is to restore all hidden objects. Another way is under settings, colors. You can set the transparency of many textures including those used on aprons and taxiways.


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As Jay says - select an apron or a poly and use O or Shift+O to change the transparency. It is a long time since I coded it but I think Ed is right that you can hide if you have a ProKey.

The View menu lets you hide or show whole groups of objects of a given type


Not sure what else you might need