A new era in FSX modeling, orbit here we come.

Ladies gents a friend and I have being modeling a new vehicle for a while now, we are not pros at this by any means and somewhat new to FSX scene. However we are interested in pursuing this model to help us with an edu nonprofit. Wondering if anyone would be willing to help us on this project to square away some annoying little issues: animation quirks, landing gear deployment to fast Aircraft CFG file timings did not seem to help, some little texture issues etc.

We called this the Seraphim and we have been building it with both the up coming SpacePort FSX mod and traditional FSX in mind. An SSTO runway to orbit composed of three parts we refer to as the ODEV system Orbit Delivery and Exploration Vehicle. Any support appreciated.
Seraphim VS-X1 small.png



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You might say what you’re using to model it, since it’s unlikely a Blender user could help with a Gmax model, or vice versa.
Dang, that is brilliant! Love the design, the graphics, the instrumentation.

The name makes me think of Origin. Are you in alliance with Jeffs team?

What is the first animation quirk? Lets get you going on this.
Lionheart thanks for the response if you would like to know more contact us on vpacconcept@gmail.com we can plug you into the internal discussion, you can talk with our modeler which would be better with you guys speaking the same language. I know some of those stubborn issues include some texture challenges, the speed at which the landing gear deploys, this appears a hard coded issue and best way to implement afterburner effects etc. Same goes to anyone here who would like to know more about this project. We will continue to update this thread as we progress. Thanks
One word for your project: Beautiful!!! Hopefully, you'll find a way to fix any ongoing issues.

Keep up the good work lads!
Using SpacePort FSX we are told we will be able to stage vehicles which opens up a world of very interesting opportunities in orbit. VPACC is exploring those possibilities and making good use of the staging and hopefully lifting payloads. An aircraft to a lifting body to an orbiter with the ability to operate beyond LEO.