A question of light and shade..(Moved)

I recently asked teh following question in another part of this forum, It was suggested I might ask it here also.


Thanks for the reply Arno, the tools in use are Abacus and Afcad v2, but I understand fully the limitations you are constrained by when using these simple tools, however the idea was put forward after reading another post regarding hangar interior lighting and shadows and gave rise too the thought of ‘Use of Conditions’ to provide the effect of a vehicle/aircraft entering and leaving a lighted area, possibly defined by a polygon placed to cover the light throw area so defining the area of the condition, the movement of a vehicle/aircraft onto that polygon might possibly give rise too the change in textures from night to day of that specific vehicle/aircraft only while occupying the defined polygon, the post was placed to promote possible discussion on the subject as this often limits the visual effect of a scene when night textured Aircraft taxi through an area lit from a fixed source, I understand if it is not possible, but if a vehicle/item can be caused to move due a condition being met then might not it be possible to cause a texture set to be substituted as a result of a condition being met and the reverse being true when the condition no longer applies, it may be that this will require a specific set of textures to be draw up for the aircraft to depict a night 'lit' effect as opposed to a specific daytime texture being used, could be I am getting way to far ahead of myself here as conditions and their use are not yet one of my skills but it was just a thought.

If anyone has any ideas on this subject I would be interested to hear them.