A tip if AI planes disappear after leaving the runway after landing

Hi folks

I want to share with you another cause why an AI-airplane does disappear when it leaves the runway after landing and after requesting the clearance to the gate.
I downloaded the new LTFM Istanbul airport from turkishvirtual ------dot-----com.
They have made the sideways of the taxiways with closed taxipath links.
Now, as we know, often the landing airplane turns on the runway itself (backdraft) to look for the nearest node.
So it happens that an aeroplane touches the "closed runway"-Sideway-Taxipath node and gets stuck because they dont lead nowhere.....
The fun is, that they stop to get the taxiclearance to the gate and it seams that everything should be alright but it isnt, and who the hell imagines that the plane is actually on the Sideway-closed taxipath.... instead of the real taxiway.....
So I deleted all the nodes of those sideways and now the airport works fine.

This just a small hint from me after quiet some time of research and testing.
(I apologize for my bad english, not my mothertongue)