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A weird question, maybe...

Hi everybody.
Maybe, I'm not the first to ask this forum the following question, but I admit I'm not used with all this "XLM-code-junk manipulation", since I'm basically ignorant, and i've only keeping on using scenery design utilities that permit to avoid such code editing annoyance... (thanks to everybody like Arno and others like him that have permitted us the use of their little but neverending useful programms). So the question is: what is the difference between FS2002 makemdl and FS2004 makemdl? but most of all... what'is the use?? :confused: :confused:
I mean, I just put an over-6500-polygons scenery made with makemdl2K2 into the library directory of FS2004 and it works :eek: I dont mean that it works so and so, or that some textures are missing, or that some very detailed objects are somewhat different... it works exactly the same way in both sims :yikes: I've made a comparison for the ones who don't believe if they don't see and I'd rather put it in may post if I'd only be able to do it (the manage attachments option seem not to work for me :( )
So, why did FS development team put all the community of FS scenery designers, even those who are newbies, in such a mess? What's the difference then, if I put my objects where I want and then I compile the scenery with a FS2002 tool that creates a scenery that works also with FS9?
Why should I create objects libraries with tons of GUIDs (think about a scenery made of 300 of these objects) and then get mad recalling every single object to create the bgl??
Can someone definitly answer this question? (kindly, of course ;) )
Thanks for any help, 'cause since now I'm deeply lost in codes :D
Hi. Doc.


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The fact that the old MakeMDL still works fine is because of the backwards compatibility. But this scenery format is no longer the format used by MS. The new gamepack is the only tool at the moment that makes scenery completely according to the Fs2004 BGL format.

Why MS has changed this I don't know, probably to make the code more efficient (and thus faster in the end).

For now both gamepacks work and if you are designing scenery that is still for Fs2002 as well, then using the old gamepack is probably best. But for the next version of FS it is more likely that things make with the new gamepack will continue to work. So therefore it is better in general to follow the standard of MS as much as possible.