P3D v4 A220-100 / CS100 (CANCELLED)

dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
Looks very good. Keep going :)
Finally somebody approaching the small version.

Anyway, reading the Airbus Brand on this beauty still makes me cry :(
Just because I am interested, will you once finish one of your projects you've started to work on? As I remember, this has to be number 4 or 5 you're working on now... isn't that quite a lot of pressure sitting on your shoulder?

If I would do one of a hell of a lot of work demanding aircraft, I'd stick to it till it's releasable... for me it doesn't make sence, to begin lots of different works and not finish one of them. So If I was you, I'd stick to only one of those projects at a time and finish it first, before beginning something new. Even if I'm getting bored on it, cause it's a demanding work.

Allthough I hope one of your work will get finished and be released somedays...
I am still working on the Fokker which is my main project, all the others are side projects and most are cancelled apart from the C919 and CSeries.