About a new Pc... (SOLVED)

Hi Sergio,
I have had Steam for many years since my son used to share his games with me. But you don't have to be connected if you prefer not to be.

Once FSX-SE is downloaded (and likely self-updated), other than the occasional get together to see if there have been any further updates, you simply turn-off your internet, and when you open FSX-SE you will be prompted to start in offline mode. That's it.
While I don't fly with others online at Steam, I think I could if I wanted to.

Yes, I have seen enhanced performance with FSX-SE, and the only payware I have installed is FSGenesis FSX mesh which I recently realized I had stored on CDs from years and years ago. It looks really nice in many areas. You can also download a lot of good photorealistic scenery from Blue Sky, Hawaii Photoreal, et al. And there is an addon set of replkacement textures .... Terra-something project ... help me out Bjorn... which I am liking more and more.

How is your internet? Maybe I could put some of my photorealitic scenery folders at Onedrive or something, they are a pain to download from Blue Sky and install, dozens (seems like hundreds) of folders for each state, I put them all in the same scenery folder by state, and actually remembered this time to back them up so I wouldn't have to download, and unpack, and move them all again. For some areas they are spectacular.
Also, there are amazing freeware photorealistic sceneries by Holger Sandmann for The Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

LOL, if you install FSX-SE I will give you a copy of the unreleased ChopperWorld X helicopter scenery object kit. I am too cheap to buy Instant Scenery again, and have been having good luck simply using bglcomp to place chopper towers, pads, and trailer groups.

As I said, the next time FSX-SE is on sale for $5, pick it up, you will be pleasantly surprised what you get for your money, and besides, there is a whole slew of amazing FSX freeware helicopters coming soon, and even rumors of an FSX Bell 429! :eek:

Yo bro


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For what it's worth, I bought my current rig on amazon for $150USD. Has W7 Professional 64bit as the OS and the only upgrade I've done was anew monitor and a new graphics card. Not super fast like I want it to be, but it gets the job done. Oh and it runs FSX way better with most if not all sliders maxed out. For comparison, one Bell 429 MDL in FS9 is about 13MB. In FSX, one MDL is about 26MB and it renders both really well on my rig. Good W7 rigs are easy to find, you just have to know where to look for them ;)


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Oh and BTW, if you plan on getting FSX and develop for it, I wouldn't recommend the FSX SDK that comes with DVD set for development. But then again, the DVDs are hard to find nowadays. I use the P3DV1.4 SDK for FSX development and works really well with Max 9.
Gary & George:
Thanks for the feedback! As I mentioned earlier, the next logical step would be to upgrade to FSX/SE and/or P3D. When the time is right for me, I will hasle you again with questions!

Letting this aside, my new new rig it's not that bad at all... the only drawback was the hard decision to acquire the GPU. However, the insurance money helped a lot and the overall cost turned out to be pretty good. Finally, the most important thing to me, was to achieve the goal to run the system with W7. So, I happily can say that this thread has fulfilled its objective!

Thank you all for the support, patience and above all for your kindness.