About missing effects on P3Dv4 using an AMD video card...

Hello people,
I´m having troubles with effects in my P3Dv4... I mean water splash, rain wash, engine smokes and so; the kind of effects (default or created) we commonly uses to add to our own/modified aircrafts.
No matter if the aircraft is an addon or if comes with the P3Dv4, those kind of effects simply are missing from the screen. By the other hand, rain, waves and fogs looks ok... I read about some video cards having issues with that¿?... The mine is an old AMD Radeon HD6850, and the drivers are as old as the device it self.
I´m about to search and replace the old drivers, however, as everything else looks great in my P3Dv4 but those effects, I wish to know if someone have a tip for me, just before update my drivers...
As additional information. The same P3Dv4 is installed in a laptop were the same effects appears without any problem, however I use two different hardware with the same video card with the same effect issue :)
Thanks very much in advance!