FSX Access Violation

Don't know if anyone visits here anymore, but thought I would try anyway.
I am running Windows 7.
A year ago I was using FSX_KML and it was working fine.
The FSX and SDK are under C Program Files (86).
FW Tools is C Program Files
A couple of months ago I had a hard drive crash and had to reinstall everything.
Tried running FSX_KML and the paths all showed to C Program Files and not Program Files (86).
When I tried to change the path I got the "Access violation at address 0061F504 in module FSX-KML.exe. Read of address 00000000." message.
I can't seem to change the paths. I even had a backup of the FSX_KML.ini file but wasn't sure where to put it.
Was wondering if anyone had an idea how to get FSX_KML to read the ini file.

PROBLEM SOLVED - Finally found the ini file location, (C:Windows). Changed the paths and everything fine.
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