Accurate Taxi Signage Content

To all the other devs out do you determine accurate taxi signage content?

What I mean is, for any given sign at an airport, how do you know what they actually say? I can figure out placement from sat maps and I can sort of guess it's content based on it's nav chart. I'm just struggling to find any sort of documentation or visual reference that tells me this specific taxi sign says "AB 24" and not just "AB" for example.



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I remember looking up very specific charts about general requirements. The font is specific, the directions are specific, in my memory the FAA instructions left very little room for doubt. However it's been some time and the OP could research this information just as easily as we could.


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The document's Caleb posted are good to follow. I'm just in the closing steps of making my own LOWI airport. The ap charts are a little informative but I've searched for loads of pictures by many ap photographers and found some shots where the ground markers are visible. Used in conjunction with Google earth shots and some artistic licence helps you. To be frank I've even added directional stand directional markers based on as close as possible guestimations of where the charts show ramp lights and freight blocks. The key areas are for example are the taxi way directions, hold points, runways directors, ILS warning, taxiway end markers and pedestrian only warnings additions info signs can be added as eye candy. As long as you keep the basic layout as close as physically possible to the real ap then if you fly on line directives by ATC should still work.