FS2004 ACM and c_gear - animation killed

Hi guys, I have a curious problem. I opened my model in Aircraftmanager ( ACM) to adjust some contact points and stagger the gear retraction and deploy times. Everything went great except, my tailwheel won't retract now. I've cross referenced several other models and the numbers look right, just won't move in the flightsim any longer. Is this a bug in ACM? Anyone have this problem and know of a fix?


ACM does some wierd things with moving clusters or data blocks around. It 'always' moves the Flight Tuning to near the bottom of the sheet for some reason.

Just replace the section that has the contact points labeled. (ACM erases the help sections and notes). Then go in and make sure the c_gear has its proper animation time in it. If its missing, or moved, etc, it will not animate. The animation time 'must' be in there or it's locked. I am sure that is what the problem is. Maybe by accident, a 0 was added into a string, all by itself. This and a comma will add a section by mistake, move everything down a notch, and then cancel your c gear animation from working.