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Actigate and FS Interrogate

Hi guys,

I'm still testing the innerworkings of Actigate and I think that I have found a problem.

Im using FS Interrogate Ver 2, (Build 0044) to study what I have believed to be BGLC problems on my end.

USRVR4 works great in FS Interrogate. When the buffers are read, I'll get the appropriate HEX for the type of aircraft I have selected.

Unfortunately, I've not had the same luck with USRVR5.

I can only get USRVR5 to show HEX 0 or HEX 1. It seems that rain, snow or day of week has no effect each time I read buffers 1 or 2.

I've removed all modules from the modules folder that were not labeld as default (with the exception of FSUPIC and ACTIGATE). So far, no effect. Can anyone think of anything else that may interfere with this?

Could the DLL be writing the info to a different address?

Could anyone verify my results or do you all get different results?


This is interesting indeed. This may explain why my gates work with the brakes set on UserVar5. Arno could not understand why my gates worked even though he swore to me that this variable could never be 1.

We'll have to wait for Arno on this.
Hi Welsh
yes, you're right. There should be some pb with the actigate version
included in the latest sdk.
I was doing your same tests a few days ago and looking at the fsuipc log
there is no setting of the rain, snow and day of the week bits.

I've sent a private msg to Arno a few days ago (last thursday?) but I
see he's busy with training for his new job untill next friday.

Therefore we'll have to ... wait...

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I will have to check this, maybe you have all been using an older version of the DLL all the time :eek:

I'll come back on this when my jetlag is gone :), as I do not think very clear at the moment.
Something must indeed have went wrong with the DLL I uploaded. Here is a new version that should work, could you let me know if it does? Then I'll fix the SDK as well.


  • ActiGateDLL.zip
    26.3 KB · Views: 816
Oh my.... lets see if this breaks my gates :)

Is it possible Arno, this is the issue that I bugged about a while back?
Could be, although the parking brake detection was never really broken. But who knows :D.
Looks Great!


I too, just like you, have gotten back from a work-related, week long business trip. I'm glad to be back home.

For your info, I have dont preliminary test with FS Interrogate and the new Actigate.dll. So far it appears to be working correctly. I'll embed it in some coding over the weekend. I'll let you know.

Now I can finish those aggrivating T-Hangars! Nision Accomplished..

Thanks again...
OK, I confirm after extensive test.
Version dated Jan.19,06 works as designed!

Thanks, cheers
Great, I'd better go fixing the SDK download then :D.