ActiGate at EDDS


first of all I have to state that I'm a totally noob on things like ActiGate, FSUIPC, etc. ... , so please post your answer in simple words :).

Today, I downloaded a scenery for EDDS (GA_EDDS) from ( ). This file included the actual version of ActiGate, so that I just had to download FSUIPC.

The scenery works and ActiGate and FSUIPC are shown as "Modules".
My Boeing 747-400 is being recognized by by ActiGate and it says "Too far away" and "Stop", etc.. .

Now to my Prob / Question: When I want to dock at Gate 9, I stop the aircraft when it says "Stop" and the display is like this || .
But now nothing happenes. Shouldn't the gate now to start moving?

How can I fix the problem? Do I have to go on another gate, or is there a list of animated gates / sceneries with animated gates compitable to ActiGate?

Thanks a lot,


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Hey Christian,

Hopefully this will make sense.

Actigate is a module that allows scenery developers "read" the name of your aircraft, and based on that perform a gate movement suited best to your aircraft type.

There are a few reasons that your aircraft may not be recognised. Look in your modules folder in FS and see if you have an actigate.txt file (from memory that is the name). Upload the txt file here.

Essentially, if the aircraft is not detected or the developer has not made an animation for your particular aircraft, then nothing will happen.
Hi Nick,

thx for your quick respond.
I searched for the .txt file but couldn't find it. I only have actigate.dll. Where can I download it because it was not part of the ActiGate folder?
FS2004 recognises my aircraft; when I roll straight to the Gate it first says "B747", then "Stop" when I am near enough. So that stuff works. It is just the animation that doesn't work. Well, perhaps I'll ask the author of the scenery about if there are animated gates.



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Sorry, my bad... the file is "actigate.ini"

It contains a list of unrecognised aircraft. I would check with the developer.