ActiGate doesn't work with Moscow Global Scenery

Hi all!

I'm new on this forum. My problem is: I read this in the Moscow Global Scenery readme:
Animated gates at International Terminal 2:

a. Gate 1 – for B767
b. Gate 2 – for B737
c. Gate 9 – for Tu-154
d. Gate 17 – for A310
e. Gate 21 – for IL-86
Set NAV2 frequency to 111.10 to see them moving.
I tried Gate 9 (for Tu-154) with Project Tupolev Tu-154B-2, I identified the aircraft in the ActiGate editor before the load, I loaded the aircraft into the simulator, tuned NAV2 freq to 111.10, but nothing happened. Can someone help me? Please



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Hi Daniel,

I think you are confusing a few things here, as far as I know that scenery does not use the ActiGate model for its animations. This is a special module to recognise the aircraft, but this scenery most likely just modeled each gate for one aircraft type.