ADE add an rectangle exclusion polygon

Hi there

I would like to ask if it is possible to add a function to make exclusion polygons from a helper shape.

My wish is to create a helper shape (mostly a rectangle), then using the new function "make polygon" instead of already existing "make apron".

With that option it would be more easily to make rectangular exclusion polygons.

Or does somebody have a trick on how to make quickly rectangular exclusion polygons?

Kind regards and keep healthy...

Alex, LSZH
Depending on what you need.
See section 9.2.5 Exclusion Polygons in the ADE manual...
Or in the ADE manual section 14.12 Exclusion Rectangles...
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To answer Tom
This kind of exclusion, acutally in ADE its named "terrain polygon" because not only exclusion but also like landclass etc can be made by those polygons.

I am using it to make those runway strip "mask class map exclude autogen".
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