FSX:SE Add boats to a lake???

I would like to add some boats to a lake near an airport that I am trying to make look better and I haven't the faintest idea how to do this. :-( Any suggestions or where to look would be greatly appreciated.
Fred Z

If AI ship

It is like add AI aircraft in FSX but more... simple (because there in no altitude nor taxi to manage).

1) I begin to build the ship that I want to use (or I choose and FSX one or download one from sceneries site).
2) I trace a route on GoogleEarth then compile in KML format.
3) I identify the ship in a text file.
4) I put the parameters of the journey in an other text file (departure time, periodicity etc).
5) I use AIBTC to merge the KML file and the two text files to produce a BGL file. AIBTC : Artificial Intelligence Boat Traffic Compiler.
6) I create an appropriate ship folder in FSX SimObject directory.

You can search on the web using one or all theese words : ai ship traffic boat. There are several tutorial videos.

Here some usefull links
http://return.mistymoorings.com/faq/files/AI Boat Traffic for Dummies.pdf

If static ship

Use a placement tool then choose your ship in libraries and place her in FSX.
Thanks for the reply and info.....this will be a great help. No matter how long you have messed with Flitesim, you keep learning something new. :)
Fred Z