Add window focus switch to "View" event notification

I've been trying to use the "View" event to detect the current user view type (VC, 2D, spot view) and it works great so long as you only have one window open. If you have two or more, then the View event is not sent if the user changes focus so I loose track of what the current view is, which is important as I have to send view pan commands to the VC view only (to simulate a gimballed camera.)

My FSX program (just got the request for ESP signed off by management) really depends on that, so it would be nice to see it added.

I've just been doing some more work with views and the description of the "View" event notification in the SDK appaears to be incorrect. It states:

"Requests a notification when the user aircraft view is changed. This request will also return the current view immediately. "

It appears that it does not return the value immediately as stated. I have code that I need to run differently depending on whether the user is viewing from inside or outside the aircraft, so I'm trying to subscribe and unsubscribe from this on a regular basis, hoping that it would notify me immediately of the current view (since I've already stated it gets confused if you have multiple view windows open) but to no avail.