add wingflex to a existing MDL


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No, that will not work. To get the wingflex you need to have bones and skin weights in your model. MCX has no feature to add these to a model that doesn't have them.


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That would require that you import the model in 3DS Max or GMax. But doing so will mean you have to redo all animations. Doesn't sound very useful to me.
ahh, too bad. there are a lot of animations.
but i have also a interior .mdl file with less animations.
would you maybe be able to add there the wingflex ?
I have no expierience in doing that, i am only a pilot :)

That would be great!!

I have exportet the 3ds from the mdl, but really no expierence to do what ever is needed.
So i nead help.
Maybe anyone is able to help me please...




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0. In ModelConverterX Options/ObjectModel Settings set CollapseModelParts to FALSE. (Prevents parts from being joined together by Material)
1. Import the BGL or MDL file into ModelConverterX. If a BGL with multiple objects, press the green arrows until the correct object is displayed.
2. Export model as a 3DS file (for some programs, can also export as an OBJ file).
3. Copy any textures used and place into folder with 3DS file. Convert those copied textures to 24 bit BMP with DXTBmp. You can get a list of textures used by that model in ModelConverterX's Material Editor.
4. In GMAX, File/Import/3DS, browse to your new 3DS file (or use OBJ).
5. Open Material Navigator (3 colored balls button up top).
6. Choose From Entire
7. Double click each material with a texture, click each Map (texture) that starts with ~ and browse to the real 24 bit texture, and click the blue and white checkerboard box (displays texture on model). Close Navigator with red X. Your model should appear fully textured.
8. Select all objects using the parts list (h key, Select All)
9. Add an Edit Mesh modifier to the stack on the right from the drop down box, open it (black +) and choose Vertices mode.
10. Edit/Select All
11. From the stack, scroll down and press Weld Selected, with setting to the right at 0.005
12. Right click the stack, and choose Collapse All, click Yes at the warning
13. For any objects that need to be smooth (cylinders, spheres, etc.):
a. Select them in the parts list (press h) or Ctrl Click on each one in Select mode (arrow button up top).
b. Add an Edit Mesh modifier to the stack
c. Click black + and choose Polygon mode
d. Edit/Select All
e. From the stack, scroll down and choose AutoSmooth (or smooth manually if you need to).
f. Right click the stack and choose Collapse All, say yes at the warning.
14. Save the object as a GMAX file.
15. Edit the model as you like. Do not use the Mirror button at the top - instead add a Mirror modifier to the stack (use of button displays incorrectly in FS).
16. Save any changes with a new incremental number (GMAX can do this automatically in Settings) - it has a bad habit of corrupting files.
17. Now your object should be ready to export as a Scenery MDL file, using the MS SDK of your choice. If an animated aircraft, you need to re-animate the plane and Export it.

Hope this helps,

thanks a very very lot for thin imensive work.

But i am a absolute newbie in this and have not enough expeirience to do that ... sorry.
I am not able to do that.

Because of that i want to kindly ask if you can do that.
If yes, i will also pay for that via paypal if possible. ( i would then send you the complete model )

I am sorry, but really..i am not able to do that ( toooo old )



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Reading Tom’s guide above should have given an idea of how much work is involved, so I wouldn’t hold out much hope. Further, you didn’t mention which model, and if it’s payware or the original modeller hasn’t given permission to modify it, you’re not going to get anyone willing to do the work anyway.

no, it is no payware and can be modified.
My problem is that i have absolutely NO Idea of the programms which i have to use. To study first the programms is not possible for me, because to old. I have instlled Blender and it is absolute over my knowledge to do anything with the imported model. :-(
So rally, i am not able to do that and need the help of a developer please.