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I am just creating specular maps for my asphalt and concrete surfaces of RAF Brüggen, FSX version.

By following this great tutorial video

everything works fine - except for the specular maps don't show up in FSX. Means, everything appears well in MCX - the added specular map does its job and show me the effect (sun reflection). But it seems to not to be converted at last.

I have to instance as follows:
Simultaneously, I also create specular maps for RAF Brüggen, P3Dv4 version. Using the same method, identically values and settings, I see wonderful sun reflections on my surfaces at RAF Brüggen P3Dv4 !

So where is the culprit, please? MCX/FSX version (1.5) has specular maps features already included. So there is a minor detail I don't recognize....Each help is much appreciated.
Hi Arno,

I did it the same way like all my other ground polys. All is done via Ground Polygon Wizard, converted to a BGL file. By investigations in the meantime, I fear using GPW for my FSX intention may be useless. So I assume, in MCX/FSX specular maps only are for models only but not for polys, right?
Hi Manschy:

All G-Polys are flat 3D objects.

IMHO, the question central to both your recent threads regarding FSX display of your G-Polys is whether they were output by MCX G-Poly Wizard as FSX MDLS ...or as SCASM / ASM non-MDL format (aka "FS2002" aka "FS8") BGLs.

SCASM / ASM non-MDL format G-Polys do not display a SDK-compliant Specular Material attribute. ;-)

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For FSX the GPW only supports the FS2002 style techniques. In FSX mdl files polygons can not be layered. Therefore you don't have the specular map. Only from P3Dv2 and above mdl files are used in the GPW.
Thank you, Arno. So a final question regarding this: May I mix several built polys? For example my grass layer in FSX as basic, all over this the specular map but built in P3Dv4?
Okay, just tried it and got not success finally:
My basic layers are built for FSX (grass, asphalt/concrete base). On top, I create an identical asphalt/concrete layer for P3Dv4 with a specular map:

From higher distance, everything seems to be okay (glossiness will be reduced if Happy End...)

But with lower altitude flickering starts (seems to be smooth, but runs like a disco ball...)

And on ground level, it seems like each existing ground poly is fighting against each other.

Each hint is much welcome...
I rearranged my ground polys out of Gmax (some Vertex mistakes), allocate some different ground polygon alterations and increase the altitude distances between the layers a few centimetres. That seems to work fine for me. Almost no flickering (some few on side of the outside view while panning, but think to get this solved as well....). Meanwhile, I added some few more layers with dirt, markings and centre lights. All seems to be well arranged now...