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Adding Airlines to parkingspec list

I am trying to add airlines to the parking list for use in FSX-SE. Im using ADE 175. I find 2 files for parking in FSX. I add the airline to both and save. Then when I go to the airport in which I want to add the airline to some gates when I place the code in the gate information
no color shows for the gate even though the date shows that the new airline is assigned to that specific gate. So How do I get the color to show. Additionally the airline I added does not show on the listing of all airlines when I open the list.
Tell us exactly which file(s) you are editing and cut-and-paste into your next post your additional line of data (plus a line above and below it for reference).
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You need to add the information to the file "parkingspecs" which is in your FSX folder within ADE.

Format is as follows:
Airline, 255,255,255,255, XXX

the 255's give you the colour and XXX is the airline code

Dave Butler
To add what Dave has said, this list will also help you that someone uploaded awhile back

first number is 255, followed by numbers corresponding to the letters

A - 0
B - 10
C - 20
D - 30
E - 40
F - 50
G - 60
H - 70
I - 80
J - 90
K - 100
L - 110
M - 120
N - 130
O - 140
P - 150
Q - 160
R - 170
S - 180
T - 190
U - 200
V - 210
W - 220
X - 230
Y - 240
Z - 250

so ......... American Airlines,255,0,0,110,AAL ...... would look like this
and ..... British Airways,255,10,0,220,BAW ........... like this


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