Adding Airport name to runways

As the title says.
I have an airport I am working on, In the RW the airport has its name in white on the runway.
Could someone here explain how I, would add the name using ADEX.....
Thank you.


Resource contributor
Create a 24-bit .bmp with the airport name in white on a black background. The long dimension will probably have to be 512 or 1024 if it is to look good up close. The shorter dimension can be whatever power of 2 works. Create a second .bmp (same size) of uniform color - whatever color you want the name to be. Use ADE_GP gp_Signs_White texture as a guide.

Then, with ImageTool or DXTbmp, load the first .bmp as the alpha channel and the second as the main texture. Save as DXT3 for FS9 or DXT 5 for anything else.

Save the DXT texture in ADE_GP Textures folder and the 24-bit alpha .bmp in the Textures_dpy folder. Also, add a new entry to Texture_Def.txt as detailed in the ADE_GP user manual.

Now, open your airport with ADE, create a rectangular ground poly of the necessary size and shape where you want the name displayed. ADE will take you to the ADE_GP editor. Assign your new texture to the ground poly and drag the four vertices so that they surround the name on the ADE_GP display. Click OK.

Compile your airport. You're done!