Adding leisure boat traffic?


I hope this is the right place to ask, but I'm trying to add leisure boat traffic to an island that does not have any. I thought that leisure boats are part of the Living World concept in FSX, bu apparently it does not automatically add them around my island.

Is there some way I can add the leisure boats to the scenery?
You must have the deluxe version of FSX - so you can use the SDK.

You could also use my livingworld program on my site.
I think, from memory that the pleasure boats are randomly generated based on the population density bgl....they don't follow paths, just move around.
Edit: This from the Living world part of the SDK:

"The InlandBoats section contains details on the recreational boat traffic that will appear in coastal waters and inland lakes. The amount of boat traffic will depend on the size of the body of water, and is scaled by the size of the local population" if you are on an island out on the coast, maybe you will need to generate your own shipping AI rather than relying on the living world boats?
Thanks to both of you for the help!

It seems now that its probably the population density that is causing no boats or other traffic appear.

EDIT: I locally edited the population density and the boats are now showing!
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