Adding wake to AI ship

I'm going through the process of converting a pilotable ship model into an AI version. I'm testing the AI ship using AIcarriers. The model shows up and moves properly, but there is no wake effect. Other ships load properly and have different wake effects.

Does anyone know how to add a wake effect to the custom ship model?

Thank you

That works great. I also discovered that there is a line in the design specs section, "stern position" which has control over the location of the wake effect.

What had me puzzled was that I looked at the cfg file of the default ships and none of them had an effects section.

My next question, would be about adding a smoke effect. Does it work the same way? Adding some information to the cfg file?

To explain a bit more what Alain meant:
You can add smoke as well but you do have to change the wake effect file and "embed" the smoke into the wake effect file (it is called "nesting" by some).
Also, you have to make a distinction between different kinds of AI.
If you are making AI using the AI engine, like for aircraft, then you use a normal aircraft.cfg. In that case it is easier to include the wake effect in the lights section and the smoke in the smoke section.
In the "living world" type of AI, when you use e.g. AIBTC, you have a sim.cfg where the only options are wake and lights, as far as I know. In that case you can either use the [effects] wake= ... entry to add a nested effect, or you can use the [lights] to add the effect, but the last option is a bit more complicated.
Do tell if you need more explanation as I am not a very good teacher (and a worse student!).