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ADE 1.7.9 Object added in ADE, does not appear in P3D after compile

I have to be missing something very elementary, and I apologize in advance for bothering you with this, but I'm at my wit's end (admittedly not much of a stretch).

I have an airport which I'm trying to modify,

I have a Library Object from an earlier version of flight sim, which I've run through ModelConverterX, and saved as a .BGL at P3D V4.4 version level.

I have the updated/converted .BGL in my addon scenery/scenery folder - the same place the airport is located.

The Library Object has been added to ADE (although without thumbnail for obvious reason)

I can add selected object(s) from the Library within ADE, and the top-down outlines appear on ADE, as do all other objects I've added

The added object can be moved/edited within ADE with no apparent problem

The airport compiles with no apparent errors, and when I look at the size of the airport .BGL in Explorer, it shows to be larger than before the addition.

My problem is when I restart the simulator, I get the message about building database for new scenery, etc.

However, when the simulator starts and I go to where the object should be visible, nothing is there (Location verified to be correct from within ADE via the little airplane ICON).

I'm obviously missing something very basic, but it's a mystery to me.

I know that the added .BGL file should have associated textures with it (else the object appears black), but I don't see any sign that the object has been added.

A nudge (or a kick in the pants) in the correct direction will be much appreciated.

Have you checked that the GUID value of the new P3D object (displayed in the Object Information Editor of ModelConverterX) matches the GUID value displayed in the ADE Library Object Manager?

Are you sure it is not displaying under the ground - i.e. you placed it at 0 ft AGL or at the correct elevation MSL?
So the library object is in a bgl file and you have added that bgl file with any associated textures into an active scenery folder (Addon Scenery\scenery)?

Second you used the Library Object Manager (LOM) to load the library object data into ADE. Thus the actual object is in the addon scenery scenery folder\ and reference information (not the object itself) is in ADE,

Third you placed the object in ADE, compiled it and restarted the Sim

Fourth the library object is not displaying?

As well as Tom's suggestions are you sure you do not have another bgl file (either addon or third party) for this airport which may contain exclusions and is loading after your bgl file of the airport? Priority Matters

Another thing to check is the the image complexity of the scenery is high enough to make sure it is rendered by the sim. ADE sets most by default at normal when they are placed


But if by chance you have image complexity for the sim set to say Sparse then objects set to normal will not render