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MSFS ADE 20 Alpha Installation Instructions


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  • MSFS installed
  • MSFS SDK Installed
  • FSUIPC 7 (this is optional but allows some communication between ADE and the Sim)
It is common for Windows to lock files that are downloaded from the internet if they are from an unknown source. This happens with ADE and there are several ways to handle it First try un-blocking the zip file. Select the zip file, right click and select properties. Check the bottom of the dialog and if there is a section for Security then tick Unblock and OK. This should unblock the contents.


Then copy the contents of the alpha 10 folder to a new location on your computer. Don’t install a full installation over any existing version or alpha. If you get this error message then it means that un-blocking the zip did not unblock all the files it contains.


then take a look at this: Could Not Load File or Assembly 'xxxx' or One of its Dependencies (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515) | Airport Design Editor Help | Help Site (screenstepslive.com)

This is an alternative to doing the libraries one at a time and uses a script to unblock files after installation. Hopefully one of the methods above will work. To remove the security on ADE bound by Windows 10. AFTER extracting the ZIP to its final location and BEFORE running ADE

1. Open a PowerShell command prompt as Administrator
2. Enter the following command. enter the path to the root of the ADE folder between the quotes Get-ChildItem "<Folder Path to ADE>" -recurse -file | % {Unblock-File -Path $_.FullName}
3. It will take less than a second

Once you have ADE running without security issues, complete the New User Wizard. Make sure you set the path to the root folder to store your projects. Now Exit ADE This will ensure that all the settings are stored. You can then restart ADE and begin to use it.

Please note that I do not currently have the Steam Edition of MSFS. If you are using the Steam Edition then you may find that the paths are not automatically found and you need to find them yourself. I intend to purchase the Steam Edition in the near future. Meantime if you have problems with paths then please ask. Section 6 of the Included Notes covers the settings in detail.


If you get a CTD and have a culture setting that is not en-US then please change it. This is a temporary requirement until the next code update


This is optional but recommended if you have not already installed it. It currently allows you see the position of the user aircraft in sim, Move ADE to center on the aircraft or move the user aircraft to the mouse position in ADE. It can be downloaded from here: Pete & John Dowson's Software (fsuipc.com) Be aware that this is an external utility unlike versions for FSX/P3D which were interna, modules. ADE should ‘find’ the Sim via FSUIPC provided both are running.


To uninstall just delete the entire installation folder. If you do not want to keep any projects you created then you can also delete them and the folder you specified as the root folder.